120: New Life

Two years passed and I could say that I'm fine. I'm currently living abroad with my two kids, away from all the stress, drama, and heartache. At first, it was a struggle, starting a new life in a different place, with my four-year-old son and pregnant with my then unborn child.

I haven't heard anything from Gavin since my mom gave him the divorce papers. Mom said that she left the divorce papers with him and Gavin told him that he would take care of it. I know I was petty, but I just couldn't think of anything else to stop the pain that I was feeling other than running away from him.

A lot of people were against me leaving. They told me that I was just running away from my problems, but I was determined to leave and put all the pain behind me. I just wanted to forget about all the heartache and move on with my life, and that is what I did.

The first year proved that it was going to be difficult raising my children alone, but I had to do it. Zia was a bit easier to handle since she w
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