Bonus Chapter – The Cycle of Change

This chapter follows a young Elder Luke (Luke Hastings) 30/40 years prior to the main story. It was a very different time when things were not so accepting. This POV shows the beginning of how Elder Luke became the man he is today and why he holds the strong values he does - known by Aria as one of the deadliest men in the pack. 


Fifty-two. There were fifty-two books I needed to reshelve today. Several more than the day before, even more than the day before that. It meant I would need to work late today in order to finish this in time. At least I had the entire day to get through it.

With a sigh of resignation, I grabbed my trolley and began the journey to the back of the library where I would start the process, giving small smiles to those I made eye contact with along the way. This was the life of a librarian. Day in… day out…

Not to say I didn’t enjoy my work. On the contrary, I immensely loved what I did for a living. Bu

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Kari Witte
I can’t get it to open either.
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Irene Hutton
I’m still confused from book one to book 2 to Book 3  there doesn’t seem to be a correlation but I love the stories
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Theresa Setty
Question, so if shifters accept Selene as the all knowing goddess that chooses their perfect match in their bonded mate why would any shifter ever question a male to male or female to female bonding? It’s an honest question. How does that even play in to the way they revere Selene’s bonded mates?
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