Book Two - Ch.# 6

With a thud, the dagger hit its mark perfectly.

Only… it wasn’t a threat like I was expecting. No lurking assailant.

…No, it was a tree.


Truthfully, as I went to retrieve my weapon, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat relieved. This wasn’t the streets, nor was this a mission requiring deadly force. I was at a goddamn party. What the hell had gotten into me tonight?

It was if rational thoughts and behaviours were absent. What if the sound I’d heard was simply an animal who wandered in from the forest nearby?

But… that feeling of something being wrong. It was rare for my gut to be incorrect. And right now, my instincts were still screaming at me that something was happening, that something was approaching… that someone was….


Another sound of movement behind me instantly made me react, only now it was significantly closer. In fact, it was right behind me.

I knew if it were only a patron from the event, they would have called out to me or made their presence known befor
Dawn Rosewood


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goodnovel comment avatar
Diane Yim
Ugh, she found her mate and doesn’t even realize it! Looking forward to how this plays out
goodnovel comment avatar
Karen Luberda
I'm enjoying the story. more chapters please ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Kira Cypher
This is getting exciting..can't wait for the next chapter.....

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