25. Saving Sullivan

"What do you usually imagine if you hear the word prayer?" A genuine smile let go of her lips as she asked a question to the crowd. Their gazes were all focused on her and as she stood before them, all they felt were amazement, astonished by what they were giving attention to.

"Who wants to volunteer themselves to answer?" She once more asked, and no one spoke, afraid to respond with a wrong explanation.

"Let's not be timid when it comes to conversing a word, we're talking about God here and that simply means that everyone should be participating and glorifying His awesome Name because He has given us the ability and wisdom to think and speak." She added and once again, she let out a chuckle and proceeded with her introduction.

"So, for today's topic, we will be going to talk about prayer. Does anyone know what exactly prayer is all about?" She spoke and gaze at the crowd, seeking for somebody to be able to answer her question.

"Uh, I think prayer is when we utter what we want to
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