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An existence that wished to cease… A being bordering between reality and fantasy… Asher E. Ildian is just your average, athletic student of Maplewood High School. His principles are easy; avoid troublesome people at all cost and befriend someone worthy of his time. Not until he met the nobody, Elaine Ozark, which not only change his life, but change his life… Repeatedly. Like a cycle of clockwork. Asher had to make choices to maintain Elaine’s life, and his own sanity to escape this endless loop of time.

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I love it this book
2021-11-22 09:29:25
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petite Faa
i loveeeeee ittttt...️...️...️...️...️
2021-07-25 20:37:06
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Gjjhgjj hi idk
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73 Chapters
(Asher’s POV) “I wish I were Heather…” Those sad, lonely lyric was the only thing that got registered in my mind, before I stood stiff on the top floor of one of an unknown apartment building, facing my fears. In front of me, just a few steps away, was a person soaked in the heavy rain—her eyes that were shielded with a thick pair of glasses wore a lifeless spark as if giving up life. My fist tightened, the sharp end of my nail clawed my palm while my mind spun for thoughts; for ways, for initiative to save this girl who looked like she could be blown away by the raging storm at any moment. Thunderstorms were never my favorite. If I should be honest they’re my worst nightmare. A thunderstorm also happened the moment I saw my father cross the river to the other side, the night where this young pair of eyes first saw blood, that came from none other than his beloved ones’ body. I shuddered when the thought of my father’s scrambl
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(Asher’s POV) “…Well, apart from the upcoming exam, nothing interesting.” I answered, deciding to not tell her about the déjà vu whilst using the same answer I’ve told her yesterday. I guess it’s the truth because she’s not asking me what happened to ME, she’s asking what happened at SCHOOL. That alone saved me many explanations. Our call ended after I finished my breakfast. Then, slinging my backpack onto my shoulders, I checked the house for one last time before I closed the entrance door of the apartment. My walk to the school took no time at all. When many kids have to go to school by bus or any transportation, my house was located at about 15 minutes away from school by walking distance. I massaged my jaw several times before opening and closing my mouth repeatedly to loosen my face muscles. Afterall, the moment when I stepped past the school gate, people will know me as Asher E. Ildian, the most kindhearted and warm student in Maplewood High School.
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(Asher’s POV) In my whole life, I never have thought that I could run so fast. I might even beat the fastest kid in my school if I were to race against them, but that wasn’t the point right now. “Me and Rufus, we just saw someone die…” Upon hearing those words, my heart sank to my stomach and I felt like vomiting. However, I swallowed back any feeling of turmoil and immediately ended the call and rushed outside the house to Chips and Charm. Fear and worry flood my thoughts as I dashed along the empty and drenched street, with me also getting drenched in the rain. While still running, gruesome images of the violet-eyed girl’s bleeding and lifeless body haunted my mind endlessly. I tried to shake it off and increased my speed as I ignored the excruciating pain from my burning lungs. I gasped and groaned for air when I reached the restaurant. To my surprise, I saw Ryan with Rufus and his group in front of Chips n Charm. They look
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(Asher’s POV) I took a long cold shower while tuning a loud uplifting music—a routine I would always do when I’m down. My mother said that feeling depressed and anxious is okay, it was a sign that you’re thinking about your well-being, but the moment it passed the threshold where it’s supposed to be and started devouring your mentality, that was when you should put it to a stop. Because of that, cold shower and uplifting music are my muse to put a halt to these depressing feelings. And what’s a more efficient cure for negative feelings if it’s not food? I would also made myself a healthy and hearty breakfast to cheer myself. Refraining from eating can wait, or diet—although I’ve never done it—but one must eat to live and heal. So right now, I’m gobbling up a bowl of chicken salad with a bowl of oat with granolas and frozen fruit on top of it while chatting with my mother. Her rants were the same about Mister Stewart and his shenanigans, and also some
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(Asher’s POV) I sucked my breath when I saw her; she’s all battered, with her bleeding nose that she tried to cover with the bloody red tissue, and her disheveled and dirty cloth, probably getting pushed down onto a dirty surface. She locked eyes with me for a moment—the look in her eyes tells me she’s surprised to see me—but that’s all there is to it. No life, no hope, not even embarrassment is reflected in her eyes when she saw me. After that, she quickly lowered her head and limped past me. I was frozen until she disappeared from my sight, and still frozen until that moment when I’m inside Chips n Charm with my friends. “Wha-?!” I jolted, which in turn, shocked all of them. “Whoa there. what’s wrong, dude?” Rufus narrowed his eyes in concern as he chewed on the french fries. “How can I get here?” I looked at him and Ryan. “What do you mean, how do you get here? It’s obvious that you come here with us.” Rufus replied, before
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(Asher’s POV) 8.30 in the evening, the time where my nightmare came. It seems like it doesn’t matter if I’m near her or not, I would always come back into the red space which I now called ‘The Flesh’—because of it’s surrounding which looked like an inside of a body. I’ll just assume I’m inside that violet-eyed girl’s mind. A loud noise like something forming increased my guard. I darted my eyes towards the source warily while lifting the kitchen knife that I brought with me. One thing which I notice was that I can bring items into The Flesh. Just like that one time where I threw my phone to the flesh monsters, anything that I touched will also be brought into The Flesh. The creature swayed for a bit. Because of my view which became clearer, I am able to predict it’s movements and it’s target. The flesh monster’s body moves slowly but it’s tentacles moves fast and would always go for vital points of the body like the heart and the brain. Snapping the n
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(Asher’s POV) Blood sprayed to the fleshy walls as I landed the last blow to the monster. Slowly, it fell flat on the ground, without anymore signs of movement. I raised my hand in a victorious pose, before I too fell on my butt from the fatigue. I took a long time to kill that monster because of how unskilled I am. Imagine having to face off against a monster with a skill as if it’s an elite assassin? This victory which I gained was definitely a stroke of luck on my side. I quickly gathered myself up and picked up the ice hockey bat which was smeared with blood. My clothes too was stained with blood, and it was ripped apart too so I took it off and threw it away before deciding to proceed exploring the flesh. Strange, it should end when I killed that  monster. Is there anything more that I miss? Or perhaps.. Did I kill only the lower level monster and now I had to face off against the boss? “Gimme a break…” I ruffled my h
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(Elaine’s POV) “After you turn 18, you will marry Mister Rupert…” “Don’t oppose, because this is for your own good…” “No one loves you…” I sucked a gasp after I opened my eyes. For a few moments, the blurry surrounding finally took it’s sharp form and I realized I was in a completely different room. I fluttered my eyes, trying to make sense of my surrounding. After I did, I sat up to feel another person’s presence beside me. My impulsiveness acted and I quickly turned my head to my side. There—sitting on the visitor’s chair—is a figure of a guy, his dark brown, long wavy bangs which was parted in the middle hung loose in front of his sleeping face. As he snoozed, his shoulders moved up an down in a slow, yet apparent movement. He looks like a prince. I didn’t notice that I was staring daggers at him until he groaned, his body moved a bit before turning into a full stretch of his limbs. “Hm?” H
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(Elaine’s POV) “Miss Ozark?” Unexpectedly, a gentle voice which sparked melanchoy inside me entered my ears. I darted my eyes to the entrance and saw two unknown people standing there. “Miss Ozark, what do you think you’re doing?” The female who holds that soothing gentle voice trotted to me while her face twisted into a look of concern, the clacking of her high heels filled the silent air. When she was near, I could smell a gentle and sweet scent wafting from her, like a scent of a kind person. Her clear pair of light blue eyes stared into mine as she lead me back to my bed. While I was being seated, I peeked past the kind woman and saw another silhouette pacing behind her. It was a man wearing a dark blue three piece suit—a style similar to the woman except hers was light cream—with his wavy short, cream hair styled neatly, looking like a corporate. He halted briefly at the end of my bed and placed a what looks like a fruit basket on the small table of the
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(Elaine’s POV) I don’t want to hurt anyone, especially those who were kind to me. But as if I’m cursed to only be able to spite others, I refused their help like I’m fine even though I know I’m not. Even after Miss Jonas and Mister Michaelis had left the room, her despaired face etched strongly inside my brain. I curled on my bed and hugged myself as I shrank in the darkness of the night. My stomach started to growl wanting to be filled, but I’m too distracted to eat anything. It’s okay, I’ve faced worst starvation than this, so I’ll be fine. Again I recalled those slumped shoulders as they left the room a couple of hours ago. How Miss Jonas still harbored hope to me even though she looked so sad, and how Mister Michaelis threw me a complicated look, an expression between conflict and pressure. The crease of his thin eyebrows were the only indication of his expression, yet I’ve lived long enough to know what other are thinking about me. Not all of them harbor
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