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Absconded depicts the story of a man that was framed for the death of his kids,he escaped from prison when an unknown person tried to kill him.He decided to keep hiding until he has proved his innocence.Will he be able to keep promise?.Find out!!!.

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Te Ddy II
Still working on some new chapters, y’all should please be patient while waiting
2022-05-07 00:42:27
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Apratyashita Thakur
Seems interesting... would like to see how the story unfurls...
2020-12-24 21:55:10
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Chibuzor Victor Obih
Amazing book
2020-10-17 10:17:38
user avatar
Jenkins George
wow,I love this novel so much
2022-04-05 22:20:55
45 Chapters
Chapter One
It's almost winter,snowy owls came rather too early this year and woodpeckers are seen sharing the same tree,the monarch butterflies have already migrated and there was heavy and numerous fogs during August these sign shows that this year's winter will be a harsh one.Michelle came back from work early today,she entered her apartment where her husband and her two kids welcomed her warmly."You are home rather too early today hun,are you okay?".James who was surprised his wife returned from work early asked curiously."I'm okay James,I thought I informed you that our organization is hosting a dinner party tonight,don't tell me you've forgotten so easily".Michelle replied dropping her bag on the couch near the hall way that leads to her room."Oh.....don't mind my ignorance it skipped my mind".James replied trying to remember when Michelle told him about the dinner party."Well....it's fine I'm home to prepare for the party."I have an important meeti
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Chapter 2
James took the letter and head straight to Mr Right's office,he badged in angrily without knocking"What's the meaning of this?".James asked waving the letter on his hand at his boss"I'm sure you can read and also you're not dumb to get the message in the letter".Mr Right said concentrating on the laptop he's operating"You can't be serious,so you are going to sack me after four years of working with you relentlessly".James said "Well we appreciate your hardwork for the past four years but I still won't fail to remind you that this bank does not welcome laziness or non-chalant attitude towards work".Mr Right replied him still typing on his laptop"You can't possibly do this to me sir".James who was now calm said apologetically.Mr Right who has already made up his mind kept working on his laptop without feeling any remorse for James.Some decisions are best made sometimes to make people realize their flaws and make amendments although i
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Chapter 3
It's been months now and everywhere looks calm and serene,no crime was recorded in the past months and some of the citizens started making suggestions that maybe the drug dealers and other gangsters terrorizing the city have migrated or better still they've decided to turn a good leaf,James was not left out of the shock it's over three months now and Jason has not tracked him down or come running after him for his money,maybe he has decided to let go of the money James said to himself one hot afternoon as he was walking down the street taking a nap.Rose and Smith attends the same school,their school bell rang 3 hours ago and the other students have gone home.They waited patiently for their mum to show up but it seems she's not,they later decided to start trekking home when their mother failed to pick them up after school hours,school was few metres journey down to their house so they decided to walk on foot down home,they were discussing while walking on the road.
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Chapter 4
James parked his car right in front of the uncompleted building he normally visit and he knows that's the right place to find Jason,he picked his gun and hid it at the back of his waist before alighting from his car.He entered the building where there's no traces of electric bulb the only light beaming is the torch James was holding to find his way,he pointed his torch directly to a corner where Jason always keep his hostages and to his surprise he met Rose and Smith being tied to a pole.He rushed to where they were and started loosing them but suddenly he heard a voice."Not so fast,why are you in a hurry?".Jason said as he switched on the light and everywhere in the building brightened up.James raised his head and saw Jason's bodyguards,he quickly brought the gun he's hiding out and point it at Jason.Jason's bodyguards quickly brought their guns out as well and point it at James."Welcome back James,it's so nice to see you here again and I must say you ar
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Chapter 5
Kate couldn't get over the shock she was when she saw James being handcuffed and led into the police van in the television set,tears began to drop from her eyes when she saw the dead bodies of Rose and Smith,the most painful part is that it was their own father that murdered them."Why did James indulge himself in such an evil act".Kate asked as droplets of tears fell from her eyes.She picked up her phone again and dialed Michelle's number but no one answered,she tried it again several times but no one was answering the call,series of thoughts begin to flow through her mind."How will Michelle get over this shock?,I hope she's alright".Kate couldn't help it anymore,she picked her bag and car keys and heads straight to where she parked her car,she entered her car and was about to start the car engine but couldn't when she saw her boyfriend drove into the compound."Where are you going to by this time of the night?".Henry asked walking over to where Kate
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Chapter 6
Maxwell Craig is a detective and apart from him being a detective he's also known for his great ability to interrogate a suspect or a criminal.Maxwell studied criminal justice which is a four years course in Florida State University in the United States.After acquiring his Bachelor's degree in criminal justice he later went to study criminology in the University of Maryland College Park.College Park,MD.Maxwell was later discovered by the former chief of police when he show cased his skill by arresting a criminal who has been on the wanted list for a long time with his tactics during his internship program in the state.He was therefore employed by the former chief police before he retired,he became popular after he arrested the man on the wanted list and this make all the drug dealers and even the gangsters in the state fear and respect him,they've tried to kill him several times but he always escape their traps and plots but the fact about him being good doesn't mean
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Chapter 7
Jason's men got to their new base and narrated their ordeal with detective Maxwell to their boss."What is Detective Maxwell doing in my Ex-base?".Jason asked the men furiously."We don't really know boss,we just heard his voice from nowhere commanding us to stop".One of the men said."Did he see your faces?".Jason asked again."I think he did because we opened fire on him and he retaliated".The other man said covering the place he was shot."Then you guys left me with no option".Jason said cocking the gun on his hand and shoot the two men.After killing the two men Jason ordered two of his boys to dispose of them,he ordered one his men to bring the box they brought back from the building to him.He opened it immediately and check if the content in the box are complete when he was sure the contents are complete he close the box and ordered his right hand man to follow him with the box.         
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Chapter 8
The van is leaving by 08:00 in the morning,I think you know what to do next,the caller hanged the call after talking to Jason.He called his personal bodyguard and asked if the boys are ready to move,his bodyguard nodded affirmatively."They are waiting for your order sir".Jason's bodyguard said.Jason patted his bodyguard by his arm and walked pass him out of his office,he entered the room where his boys were,getting ready for the operation and saw them all dressed in black,fully armed and they all had a mask on."Alright boys I want a clean job,kill anyone on target don't let anyone live".Jason said making his point clear.The masked men entered into three different vans fully loaded with ammunition.The drivers who were also putting on a mask starts the engine and zoomed off.                *       
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Chapter 9
Detective Maxwell got to his office after leaving Britney's office and sat on his chair rubbing his hair,he doesn't even know maybe he's annoyed or going crazy over the incident that occurred.Firstly James has escaped and he's on the run and secondly he's trying to guess who would have sent assassins to attack the police van also most importantly who gave them the hint that James is been transferred today.He got up from his seat and went to the PNC(Police National Computer)room and told them to put James on the wanted list and also make a broadcast announcement about him missing,the computer room having heard this get to work immediately.                 *                *         &n
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Chapter 10
Detective Maxwell entered his boss's office after being informed by one of the officers that his attention is needed in Mr Bane's office.Mr Bane was sworn in by the mayor as the chief of police two years ago after he arrested Stan who happened to be the drug lord back then and he also provided a good evidence to be used against him.Jason was the product of Stan,he do run errands for him before Stan decided to make him his right hand man because of his hardwork and loyalty but Jason was a cunning and greedy man he's not satisfied with the position given to him all he has ever wanted was to be a drug lord because he thought he has all the qualities required to become one,so he decided to call Bane and give him all the informations he needed to know about Stan and how to get the evidences he needed to use against him but he made sure his identity was hidden."You called for me Mr Bane".Detective Maxwell said sitting on the chair opposite Bane's."How on earth
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