“That is hilarious! I wish I was there! Oh my god! I missed every exciting moments that happened to you!” commented by Tess. She’s so happy even that she was stabbed yesterday.

I don’t know why she still attends school today when she’s injured.

Its lunch now and we’re here in a café talking about what happened last night and what I think about the two having a steamy romantic relationship between them. But, my mind is flying somewhere, so I cannot focus to Tessa’s comments after I told her the story.

Early this morning, I woke up from a dream and there are tears on my cheeks again, but this time, my grandma was not there telling stories. Instead, I was there, I am the girl; I received a necklace, from a guy whom I don’t know, but he looks like Skylar. He has Skylar’s resemblance when it comes to eyes, nose and lips.

Also, I feel like I’m the girl there in that dream, but I feel like it’s a different girl too. It’s so frustrating! I gently messed my ha

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