I Make My Own Happy Ending

I Make My Own Happy Ending

By:  1stCerulean  Ongoing
Language: English
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The end of the world had never been so romantic—for Alisa Vega, at least. In an alternate universe where Earth survives the first apocalypse, humans live side by side with other species in a society where impossible things become possible. And yet, with all that magic and technology, love remains to be the most mysterious and unpredictable thing of all. Alisa Vega is a popular celebrity well-known for her beauty and charisma. Growing up in a loving and privileged environment, she had never wanted for anything in her life—until she meets Jester Lee, the rising star of the Adventurer community. Jester saves her life and steals her heart in the process. She confesses her love, but Jester is having none of it. Apparently, he's too busy saving all three worlds from a second apocalypse to entertain any thoughts on romance. But Alisa is convinced that he is THE ONE for her—and she is not taking no for an answer. Join Alisa and Jester as their stories unfold side by side: from gala appearances, photoshoots, and dodging the paparazzi, to navigating through a mess of man-eating monsters, secret identities, and uncovering conspiracies, all in the name of true love. *Author's Note: Some parts of the story may include scenes of violence and gore, dark (morbid) humor and possible emotional trauma (for the characters). Although the author encourages freedom in reading, this warning is in place for those who may find such topics disturbing. Reading should be fun for everyone, after all. Thank you! ^_^

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Julia Nora
keep going. it's such a great book! i am wondering, do you have any socmed that I can follow?
2021-07-19 18:03:01
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The first line pulled me in. It's important to draw your readers attention from the beginning and the first line did that. Now, I'm off to continue reading with a promise not to laugh at our FL. Read this book!!!
2021-05-13 03:35:01
user avatar
agean sea
Good book,like it very much!
2021-03-26 00:15:05
102 Chapters
As embarrassing as it may be to admit, it was love at first sight. Go ahead and laugh. But it's true. The moment he came crashing through the trees, I knew that he was the one for me.My sister (who is a trauma psychologist and a part-time Potioneer) says that I was disillusioned because I met him in a situation where my life was in danger so I naturally clung to him and developed some sort of attachment. Not uncommon in people who develop admiration for their heroes or idols. She says that I'm probably suffering from PTSD and she wants me to book an appointment with her. I told her there was no way I was going to book an appointment with my own sister, and that if I ever need a shrink to look after me, I would choose anyone but her. She said that I'm in denial of my own condition and that means I seriously need help. That made me hang up the phone and temporarily (she's still family, after all) block her number.  
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1.2 THE ONE 2
Thirty seconds. That was how long I've been casting barrier magic around myself against the Anomaly beast's attacks. Thirty seconds may seem like a really short time but if your life is on the line, it feels like eternity. "Miss, we've contacted the nearest Anomaly Guard on duty--" BZZZZZTTTT!!!"... standby and keep a safe distance..."BZZZZZTTTT!!!"Tell them to hurry!" I gasped out as the Anomaly Beast reared back for another charge. "I can't keep my shield up forever!"That was true. I'm a licensed Mage (Rank A-2) but I was a civilian. If my opponent was another Mage, then perhaps I wouldn't be feeling so desperate. But Anomalies have a high resistance to magic, and to take one out required you to use combat spells of Rank B and above. And as a civilian, I don't know any combat spells strong enough to kill one, and neither do I have
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1.3 THE ONE 3
So that we're all on the same page, let me do a quick introduction with a little bit of a history lesson added in. Around five hundred years ago, Earthlings (normal human beings and all manner of existence on the planet) discovered that there are parallel worlds very much like Earth that have existed as long as Earth has. By worlds I don't mean planets. I mean, they exist in a different dimension altogether. I'm sure there's a very comprehensive scientific explanation for this, but it's way to complicated for me so I won't bother. But the point is, these worlds were able to coexist without interfering with one another for ages. Which is why there was a point in time in human history where people believed aliens and extradimensional travel was nonsense (stupid, right?). This was proven false when one of the said parallel worlds imploded with enough force that it created several dimensional rips. Earth, being a younger and bigger world tha
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2.1 Initiative 1
3 days after our Fated Encounter.'The number you are calling is not in service. Check the number and dial again...'That was the twelfth time I tried to call Jester Lee. I didn't want to admit it, but the truth is hard to ignore. Either the number he gave me was false or he was blocking my calls. Realistically speaking, why would anyone bother to hand out their number if they were planning to block you anyway? So it's most likely he gave me a wrong number on purpose so I couldn't bother him in the first place. I smirked. He's got pluck, I'll give him that. Most men (and women) would be pushing each other out of the way in order to get my attention (I am not exaggerating, I've seen it happen) and there he was, nonchalantly giving me a false number and treating me like some sort of fangirl who would only waste his time. There's a chance, of course, that he thought that way precisely because he
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2.2 Initiative 2
Mister Louie got back to me while I was on the drive back to the hotel. "I double-checked and I can tell you for sure that the number you gave me was a burner," he said, amused. "Now why would anyone be giving you a burner, Alisa?"I held back a sigh. "Maybe because they don't want to talk to me?""Who in their right mind would wanna ignore a sweetheart like you?" Louie laughed. "Is this someone dodging a debt or something? Coz you seem pretty determined to catch him. You don't usually ask me for a favor this big."That made me smile. "I wanna keep things a secret for a little while, Mister Louie. And you could say I'm the one who owes this person a favor and you know I always pay my debts. So I have to be able to contact him so we can talk it out, you know?""Hmmm... well, whatever your reason, I hope you know that whatever I come up with using my methods, it won't hold in court? This is kind
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2.3 Initiative 3
"If it's in two years...there's not much time."
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3.1 Ugly Secrets
Dad was not amused. He grabbed a beer and emptied it in one go. His cheeks were red and his frown had turned into a pout. The effects of the purple cake must be wearing off."He should declare his intentions first. I'll meet with him myself."Huh. Well, that would prove difficult, since I don't think Jester is aware that he had any intentions to declare at all. Dad seems to be forgetting that I am still in the 'unrequited crush' phase of our relationship. Even calling it a 'relationship' was seriously stretching the boundaries of the word. This was getting quite embarrassing. "Dad, I think we should discuss this when there's actually something more substantial between us to talk about. I mean, I think I like him, but he doesn't know that yet." I winked at Harry, who was chuckling silently in the corner. "Mister Rosche, Madam Josefa, Diane. Thanks for keeping us company. I think we should be leaving now."
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3.2 Plan A (The Date) 1
35 days after our Fated Encounter."Are you sure about this?" Bea asked me. "Because it's not too late for us to cancel.""Oh, yes, I'm sure. I finally found a window of opportunity after waiting so long. I'm not backing out now." I smiled confidently, twirling in front of the mirror to check my outfit: a calf-length brown pencil skirt, a plain white turtleneck, my favourite black stilleto boots, and a dark-brown fur-trimmed coat (its faux fur, of course, I don't wear clothes made from real animals. I'm not a barbarian) draped over my shoulders. My hair was done up in a casual high ponytail, with a matching brown satin ribbon holding it in place. "Oh, I don't mean the date. I meant moving." Bea clarified, handing me my purse."Oh, that. I don't see the problem. Where I live is my business. And besides, the view is so pretty--""There are literally hundreds of other places that could give you a
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3.3 Plan A (The Date) 2
He should have known something was wrong the moment he stepped into the cafe. First of all, he had never seen the place so full. Almost every table was taken, and his gaze immediately zeroed in on his favourite spot in the corner, hoping it would be empty. Thankfully, it was. He had been looking forward to having a cup of Arabique coffee that he had been craving for the past few days. Of course, he could just order to-go, but sipping coffee while doing some casual reading in his favourite cafe was something that always relaxes him. And boy, did he need some down time.The past week had been a blur of subjugation requests and raids and rescue missions and paperwork. If he had known how much paperwork he had to go through every time he finished a mission, he would never have accepted the Chairman's offer of enlisting as an Anomaly Guard. Well, at least they allowed him to have an aide. He spared a moment to appreciate Boris' hard work and sympathize with hi
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4.1 Ugly Secrets 2
Humans are not as compatible with magic as elves or dwarves. Something about inherent biological capacity and environmental exposure. Earth was naturally devoid of magic, and if it weren't for the Gaia Incident, humans probably would be in the same oblivious bubble of ignorance they've been enjoying for the past few millennia. But things did change, and in order to survive, humans had to evolve and adapt to these changes. Nowadays, roughly sixty percent of the human species can be considered Mages. Now, for every three hundred human Mages, one is bound to develop some sort of supernatural ability in addition to their inherent magical abilities. There aren't a lot of them, and their abilities are so unique and varied, that it's hard to categorize them. So, they are generally known as the Gifted. Although magical ability for the Gifted are less than for ordinary Mages, some of them have Gifts so powerful that it can't even be considered a disadvantag
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