Chapter 27 – Together


When I finally got back home I just wanted to go take Laura and hold her in my arms. But I am drenched in blood, and none of it is my own. Some of it is obvious from the attack, but when I was told that they had one alive, I went to interrogate him. We realized quickly that he wasn’t going to just answer our questions, so I had to get rough. It didn’t give us much any new information and when I was done all we had was treats and ripped off body parts.

I don’t want Laura to see me like this, I don’t want her to get scared of me. But I will do anything to keep her, the twins, my family, and my pack safe. So I just peeked into the nursery letting her know I was back hiding behind the door. I noticed how she opened up on the scent of the blood and creed myself. As fast as I could I told her I would be right back and went to get a shower.

I went straight to my bathroom, dropped the shorts I had taken on after the attack o

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Phyllis Lott
Well written,
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Helen F Rayford
My hats off to you dear author of this book may all your books be good like this one
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Great storyline and good way to end the chapter

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