Chapter 57 – Xander


Today is the day for the baby shower. We decided to have this party with the entire pack because all the packmembers. Because everyone is so excited that their next king will soon be born. And we felt like everyone needed to have something to celebrate after the big battle.

It has been almost two months since that day. And we have been busy helping and supporting the families that lost family members—and helping with those that were injured. And now, we have finally can begin to relax and get back to a more typical day. That girl Camille had not been found. Liam had been sure that she must have gotten killed. But her body was nowhere to be found.

I am upstairs trying to get the kids ready when Liam comes in. He smiles and laughs a little when he sees how Zach struggles not to get dressed. Liam walks over and lifts Zach.

“Let me handle this.” He says and places Zach on the dresser, and oddly enough, Zach stops fighting and lets Liam dress him.

When the twins are dressed, he carr
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I don't think Camille is dead, She will not kill so easily without receiving her punishment, so I think maybe now she will work with Leah or some other enemies of Liam ...
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Selly Langemeijer
I so love this book!......

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