Chapter 7: Finally Cured

Frost waltzed her way inside the Palace. She again expertly avoided the cumbersome Royal guards. She was not afraid of trouble. But staying out of trouble benefits her more.

When she arrived in her room, she did not waste her time and immediately took out all the ingredients she would need in making an antidote against the poison in her body from the cosmos bag.

She picked up one kilo of Green leafy starch, Zynia grass, and Nylories vines.

Next, she went inside the bathroom, but before she put the three ingredients in the bathtub, she first filled up the bathtub with water. And when the water is enough for her to use, it is only then she expertly poured all the three ingredients on the bathtub.

While Frost unhesitatingly eats the two poisonous plants which are the Lamia flower and Sniopon plant. Next, she took all of her clothes off and submerged herself onto the bathtub filled with herbal plants.

Frost can already feel the effect of the two
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