Chapter 31

Chapter 31

" Goodnight " I said to Tyler as we were about to part ways to our various ways.

" Goodnight " He said with a little smile that I also flashed him in return before I turned to walking over to my room.

Getting into my room, I landed on the bed with a little and satisfied smile. This is exactly what I wanted, a peace of mind.

I'm glad it's what I'm getting right now. I smiled as I recalled the beautiful moments I had with Tyler.

I was met with a totally new and different Tyler today and I must confess he's the sweetest guy I had ever met with, I just don't understand why he was like that in the beginning, but this him.. is really nice.

Too bad, I'm leaving soon. It's for the best anyways. I smiled also closed my eyes, ready for sleep to take over completely.

** Next Morning **

" Morning " I greeted as I sat down on my usual seat at the dinning table.

" Morning dearie.. you look really happy today, is anything the cause of it? " Mr Bills flashed me a smile that I returned im
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