“Here.” Renee slipped a 20 dollar bill in my hand sneakily while looking all around to make sure no one was staring at us. I was putting my things in the locker so I threw the bill along with other things in the locker as well while hiding my face with the locker door.

“Did you find out?” she asked.

“You bet.” I smirked, whispering in a low voice, “he always takes red pasta on his plate. That is his favourite dish for sure.”


“You only get what you paid for. Now shoo yourself before anybody sees us. Others are waiting.”

She grumbled a little under her breath but went away. Another girl took her place, slipping a bill in my hand, “What time does he wake up and come down in the hall?”

“Don’t tell me you are about to sneak into his room.” I clutched the bill tight in my hand, alert.

“Obviously not! I don’t have a death wish! I want to see him in the morning just once in my life. Whenever I come down for breakfast, Alpha is never there.”

My shoulders slumped with a small s
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