“I need this, please, Mia!” Julia begged with puppy dog eyes, “this is the first time I am asking for something. It is just a small thing for you, isn’t it?”

I breathed heavily to shake off the nervousness. I always had a hard time telling people ‘no’. Why in the world had I gotten stuck now?

“Alright, I will try to find out what type of hairstyle he prefers on girls and tell you tomorrow.” I gave in, and started to walk away, “I have to go back now, Lara is waiting for me outside the school to go back home.”

Julia nodded excitedly, finally leaving my almost bruised arm.

By the time I came home, my bones were aching from being tired. Our school projects had increased. Even though I had started to get a hang of the classes, it was still hard for me to understand some things, especially maths. Thankfully Lara, and some other students were generous enough to offer me help so that I could at least be right behind them.

After changing, I went toward the kitchen only to earn the
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