‘...I guess I have been going easy on you, haven’t I?’ - the words kept on ringing inside my head like a damn record over and over and over and over again.

I was already freaked out of my mind and constantly on my toes, making sure to not make another mistake. His words were like a sword hanging over my neck, keeping me at my absolute best behaviour. I had to stop my ‘info exchange business’ too which made me cry a little from inside. My small stash of cash just remained small sadly.


The manly voice had startled me, snatching me out of my thoughts. I saw Mr. Alex walking in from the main door of the pack house toward me. My fingers tightened on the pot that I was holding in my hands. Is he going to scold me again for not shifting that day?

“Are you busy?” he asked politely, looking at the pot in my hands.

I was silent for a brief moment. It would be rude to say ‘yes’, wouldn’t it?

“No,” I stretched my lips in a smile, showing him that I will come back after placing the p
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Love the commentary with her wolf. Very honest and brutal.

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