4: Hot, sweet kisses

Kayla’s POV 

The stares I was getting as Hector and Aidan declared that I was their mate was enough for me to wish for powers that could make me disappear. Now they have something new to hate me for, what have I done to deserve this?

Hector seemed to realize that he said something he normally wouldn’t, I could tell by the way he looked so shaken before his friends pulled him away. 

“ Why did they take him away?” I heard someone ask.

“ Where Hector comes from, they do not admit or acknowledge a mate that isn’t a rogue. It’s believed to be physically impossible but Hector didn’t seem to have any difficulty saying that Kayla is his mate.” Said a boy who stared at me as he said these words. 

“ Wow, she has two guys at school willing to fight each other when she is one of the most useless wolves at this school. Don’t even delude yourself and think that you’re special, you’re just an abnormality and I wish you’d just die alr- ”April was saying, she must've not realized that Aidan was still standing there, if she did, she wouldn't have said one evil thing about me.

“ Say that again April and I WILL RIP OFF YOUR HEAD.” Aidan said through clenched teeth as his eyes glowed red, causing everyone to step back from him. 

“ Are you okay?” Becka asked, placing one hand on my shoulder and using the other to wipe something moist from my cheeks. 

“ Why are you wetting my cheeks?” I asked and she scoffed, “ You’re crying you little – “ her words were abruptly cut short so I looked at her and found that Aidan was staring at her with a murderous glare, his eyes were still bright red. “ Do something, Kayla,” Becka whispered so faintly that only I and probably Aidan heard it.

“What were you going to say?” he asked as he approached her. I stared at him, realizing that this was his wolf being protective of me and knowing how terrible it will be for Becka if he actually hurts her in the process so I gripped his hand and held onto it. 

My heart slammed against my chest when he turned and glared at me with his red eyes but it wasn't for long because the look in his eyes soon changed drastically and his gaze became soft. He even looked so pleased that I was holding his hand.

He didn't seem to have a single care in the world if we were being watched so he took my hand in his and kissed them, something he would never do before. His wolf was taking total control and I wasn't sure if he would like that when he regains himself.

“ Don’t listen to April, you're not useless Okay?” he said with a faint smile. It actually hurt because it took his wolf taking over him to realize that April is full of spite for me. 

“ Come on, let’s go,” he said, holding my hand in his and fully prepared to take me with him to where he was headed. 

“ Aidan!” Mr. Bentley, the school's principal called. Aidan exhaled roughly before he turned around. I saw Hector enter his office looking very angry.

“ There will be an emergency meeting about recent…occurrences. Your mother will take Kayla home you have to come to my office.” 

Aidan reluctantly let go of my hand before he left but as he reached where Jason stood, he whispered something to him and he walked past April like she doesn’t exist. 

Somehow I was glad that Aidan was finally giving in to the fact that we are undeniably meant for each other. But I also suspected that my life would become so tough now that Aidan has seemingly rejected April, she will not rest until she punishes me for this reason. The way she was glaring at me now was just a proof of my fears.

Immediately after Aidan entered the office, some teachers were on ground to send students back to their classes. At first, a good number of them didn’t want to go because they planned to eavesdrop at Mr. Bentley’s office, but when the penalty for loitering was tagged as detention with Luna Tia, everyone dispersed in seconds. 

After our last class for the day, I watched as the clock struck three and everyone rushed out of the class to see if Aidan and Hector were still in Mr. Bentley’s office. Fortunately, we were on time. Aidan came out of the office smiling warmly at Hector who seemed just as pleased as Aidan.

“ Well… I guess they chose to share Kayla. As expected, such a whore!” April sneered at me before she walked away with her friends. 

“ Kayla, come with me,” Tia said as she came out of the office. Without another word, I followed her outside the school. She found her car and motioned that I get in the car. She was so quiet throughout the ride, she didn’t say anything to me and I knew it wasn’t her fault. 

She raised me and Aidan to love each other - but as siblings not to become romantically and sexually attracted to each other. I knew that she was having a hard time thinking of what to say to me, so I thought I should initiate the conversation.

“ I’m sorry,” I said, fiddling with my fingers. She glanced at me but didn't say anything. Eventually, she sighed and said, “ It’s not a bad thing Kayla…it’s just a bit shocking to know that Aidan has known you’re his mate but chose not telling you for almost a year…that’s ridiculous.” She lifted her hands from the steering wheel before gripping it again and frowning.

“ I was upset that he didn’t tell me either,” I said and she gave me a pitiful look.

“ It’s okay, he’s yours now. The only thing is Hector…did you feel any kind of connection to him? Or is he lying?” 

“ He’s not, his scent distracted me a lot – quite like Aidan’s did.” 

She sighed and made a turn to our house and after parking the car she said, “ go inside and don’t let anyone in until I get back,” 

That was strange. Why wasn’t she coming with me? I took out my backpack and got out of the car but she stayed until I entered the house and shut the door. Immediately she saw that I was safely inside, she drove away at an alarming speed. 

Something strange was going on…I just knew it. I took my bath and ate lunch before spiraling around the house as I tried to keep my mind away from what was truly haunting me. When no one came back after a while, I gave up and sat in the kitchen thinking about what it would mean for me to have two mates. 

Why would the moon goddess give me such a match? I was already too favored by being resistant to wolfsbane, now I have two mates. The fact that I wasn’t strong seemed to be the only flaw that people saw in me, coupled with the fact that I wasn’t beautiful. I knew a lot of girls AND boys at school would hate me even more but I just thought to myself that there is nothing I will do that will make it change.

Because I feared what they would say about my strength, I let their words get to me and caused myself to be weak, so that they would at least give me a break from hating my wolfsbane resistance but even that didn’t pacify them. 

With Aidan and Hector both being my mate, my wolf wouldn’t let me do that again. I won’t be able to control Sapphire when she wants to attack or fight and when that happens, I will be done for. Everyone might gang up on me. 

I was still seated in the kitchen when I heard footsteps inside the house. There is no way anyone could’ve entered without me opening the door, Tia gave me her keys and I didn’t give them back. The keys were always with her since she was always the first to get home, so no one had any other key of their own. 

I looked around and tried to think about how the person could’ve entered but what would that do for me? 

"Are the rogues trying to kill me? It’s not my fault that Hector broke one of their rules and acknowledged me as his mate!" I lamented inwardly, hiding behind the fridge when the footsteps became clear and louder. Suddenly it stopped and I took a peek at the door but no one was there.

“ Kayla? It’s okay it’s me, Aidan.” He said and I sighed and came out from where I hid behind the fridge. 

“ You scared me!” I said, heaving a sigh of relief as I ran my hands through my hair. I was going to glare at him but the look in his eyes as he watched me and folded his arms made me blush. I looked away immediately and heard him chuckle.

“ What are you doing here?” I asked.

“ It’s my house remember?” he said, standing in front of me. A few strands of his hair had broken loose from the perfect slicked back style he previously had and it made him look even hotter. Oh my goodness, I was so aroused just by the thought of his hair?! 

He placed his hands around my waist and said, “ I know you’re upset that I knew about you being my mate, Kayla, but I was worried you’d reject me since you weren’t exactly moved to like me the way I liked you.” 

I looked at him, wondering if he meant what he said about liking me. If he did then why did he-

“ I shouldn’t have dated April but the truth is, knowing you’re my mate kept me very emotionally and sexually tensed…” The look he gave me when he said sexually tensed struck so much desire and anger in me. I didn’t even want to hear what I thought he was going to say.

“ April was just a means for me to get rid of it since I couldn’t be with you until you turned eighteen. I hope you can forgive me, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I swear that I'm telling the truth.”

“ Then why did you say to her that it wasn’t so easy to choose between her and me?” 

“ Because I’m not heartless. I was considering her feelings because I thought she would be really upset if I broke up with her but I realized she didn’t really hold much attachment to the relationship anyway. I'm embarrassed that it took me this long to realize it” He said and watched me. 

“ Kayla, please don’t use my foolish decision with April against me – I’m begging, give me another shot at this.” He said softly as he brushed my hair away from my face and looked at me with so much need in his eyes that I broke down in tears.

“ You should’ve told me, Aidan. I’ve had a crush on you since I was twelve! Didn’t you think that I might naturally like you?” 

He looked up and bit his lip in regret before he looked at me again, “ I’m sorry, I was wrong... But we can start over. Just me and you.” He said, tightening his grip on my waist as he brought our bodies together. 

“ Okay,” I said simply as I placed my head on his chest while he rubbed my back gently. I slightly pulled myself away from his embrace and looked at him. His smile slowly disappeared because he was now staring at my lips while biting his lower lip.

“ Are you ever going to kiss me?” I asked in a seductive tone that shocked even myself. He smirked and placed me gently on the kitchen counter, standing between my thighs. I gasped when he slid his hands through my oversized t-shirt and caressed my thigh because I have never been touched there before and he knew this. 

“ Every time I look at you…that’s all I think about,” he said, his eyes never leaving my lips for a moment. I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like to kiss him or to touch his firm body but I was too shy to make a move.

He must've senses it because he leaned so close to me that my breasts brushed against his chest and it made me feel hot all over but he didn’t kiss my lips as I expected, instead he kissed my neck and kept placing hot kisses on my body until he reached my lips.

Knowing how much I’ve waited for this, how much I’ve imagined this, I was losing my mind just thinking about how it would feel like. My whole body tensed when he brushed his lips against mine softly. That slight contact was already eating me up and making me almost beg for more. I was still closing my eyes, when I felt his warm breath before his lips took mine in kiss much deeper and passionate than the first time. 

I was consumed by the desire that erupted within me as his tongue found mine and he kissed me even deeper, moaning in my mouth and pulling me even closer to his body.

I gasped as I felt his hardness against my center and threw my head back as he kissed my neck and stroked my thighs sensually. I wanted him so badly - I needed him even more but I was such an inexperienced girl, how would I tell him?

I started to fiddle with his shirt and he immediately took it off, pleasing me with the view of his muscles and perfectly toned body. 

He looked at my shirt as if he wanted to take it off but I got shy and slightly worried that he would not like my body. He chuckled and kissed my neck while I summoned the courage to take off my shirt. When I did, I watched as his eyes darkened in what I knew was lust and I was glad that he wasn’t disappointed. Without a single word said, he kissed me again and I struggled not to break the kiss with a moan as my breasts touched his skin. 

“ Fuck Kayla…” he whispered in my ears. I felt proud because Aidan cursing and saying my name meant that he was enjoying this very much. I broke our kiss and threw my head back while biting my lips as pleasure filled my center, then I realized that I had been grinding against his bulge, I didn’t even know when I did that, I just knew that the pleasure was driving us both crazy. 

I moaned and ran my hands through his hair as he took off my bra and cupped my breasts as though he was sizing it up. I closed my eyes and gasped as I felt his tongue trail along with my nipple before taking my breast in his mouth while his hands found their way to my center. I never thought I would be able to kiss Aidan let alone have him between my legs doing things I wasn't even aware could turn me on so bad. 

His fingers were just beginning to stroke my center when I heard Tia yell his name as she knocked on the door. I jolted in fear and quickly got off the counter so I could pick up my shirt. Aidan cursed under his breath and ran his hands through his hair as he watched me put on my shirt. 

“ Put on your shirt!” I was saying to him while I started towards the front door but it was already open by the time I reached the kitchen door. Tia and Alpha Kent were standing in front of me already with horror evident in their eyes while they looked at me and then at Aidan.

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