105; Who is Armani?

Kayla's POV

I watched as Nova slept, Sapphire and I successfully removed the creature inside her and had it burnt, and because of the trauma, she experienced we had to inject her so she could sleep.

I felt so bad for her because she's been through a lot and seemed like someone who has never had anyone to hold on to. I mean Hector is there but he's her son and there are things she may not want to share with him because she doesn't want him to feel burdened by anything.

I am talking about a partner for her. Someone, she can lean on. She has no one like that. Sapphire and I were talking about it a while ago before she went to find people who will help us dispose of those bodies.

We planned on holding a brief meeting, telling the people exactly what is going on and what they should be on the lookout for because as Max said, we have to go through this together and that means we all have a part to play in this matter.

Now all I was thinking about was Hector. I felt so uneasy about him r
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