79~ You're all I need

Months later, Amelia was in the studio at CT entertainment. She had gotten back her former manager Natalie and a new producer.

Julian Bishop had risen to the top and became an expert in transportation services. Amelia was happy for him. At least he was now doing something he loved to do not because of some woman who couldn't even look at him.

"Why are you smiling?" Natalie asked Amelia as soon as she entered the studio.

Amelia smiled wider, "just thinking about how things have changed for the better. Julian is doing what he loves and you're also doing well as my manager. I'll miss the times we had, working together but I love that we are all doing what we love."

At the mention of Julian, Natalie blushed. "Well… about Julian.. there's.. something I wanted to tell you." She said, hesitantly.

Amelia looked at her curiously, "what is it? And why are you blushing?" She asked, raising her brow.

"Um.. well… I knew that he loved you. But I had a crush on him… well.. 2 years ago.. w

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