20 || Just a number

Calum crosses his arms. His lips quirk in that arrogant smile I want to slap off his face. But with Dani and my dad watching, I have to stay composed. I hide my hands under the table. I already know I’ll hate Calum for the words that will come out of his lips and he proves me right. 

“Maybe your daughter wants to enlighten us.” I hate him. I hate this food. I mutter something under my breath and the table laughs. Was it funny? I stab the chicken and take a big bite of it to avoid talking to them. “As a matter of fact, Pete, I think I might like one of your teachers.” 

Oh, God. 

He is lying, right? Of course not. She called him Cal. He let her touch him without his consent. That’s what lovers do and I’m not his lover, just a silly little stepsister he wants out of the way. 

Tears swim in my eyes. I’m so stupid. What did I think would happen? That the singing would make us close? That momen

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