12 || Good for everything

Dinner is painfully slow. I’m in a bad mood and everyone notices. Calum slides an arm over my thigh but I shake it off. I still feel dirty; cheap. 

“Cathy, how was school today?” Dani asks from the other side of the table. Dad watches me. He has been on my case since I came downstairs. He’s not the only one. Calum has been trying to get more than one word replies out of me. But the only thing in my head is slut. “Are you okay?” 

“Yeah—” I stop and shake my head. Putting the fork down, I add, “I don’t feel so good.” Well aware the whole table is listening to us, I stand and grab my plate filled with spaghetti. “I’ll just drop this and go to my room. If…if that’s okay.” 

Dad and Dani share a glance. They want to say more but they don’t know how. Calum comes to the rescue. He copies my stance, his empty plate in one hand. I don’t want hi

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Erica Boeh
This new side of him is AMAZING
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he will have to suck it up, for now.
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you'll have to read and find out.

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