Chapter forty-five (She seems strange)

Third person's pov:

"What the fuck are you doing here? Laying down!" Angel asked Mira with confusion all over her face. Smiling nervously Mira refuses to stare at her, "I am screwed……." She whispered.

"So I wasn't dead all this while,"

"Heaven was right all this time," biting her lips with her hands as she fiddled with the edge of her cloth. She felt embarrassed and uneasy.

"You guys know each other…..?" Derrick asked as he pointed toward them.

"Yes, she is….. Mira snapped her head as she suddenly interrupted Angel " Yea, we are sisters," she finished before Angel could say a word. Angel suspiciously gazes at her with surprise flickering in her eyes.

"As of the same mother and father, like you guys, are siblings or cousins?" Derrick asked with a furrowed eyebrow. He wanted to know more about her mate, he wanted to know more about the jewel in front of him.

"No, she is….." Again Mira jumps in and intrudes "Yes, No….. I mean yes we are cousins, you know like real cousins," with a nervo
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This won’t end well, does she not have bruises or something since she was slapped ,sign of abuse that Derrick would want to know what kind of sick person does that to a woman

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