Whoa, This place is amazing!”

“Thanks,” Camille laughed nervously, cheeks turning red as she followed Charlotte inside. “I think the guys went a little overboard.”

Neither Jag nor Kal had returned that evening which Camille had expected but had still found herself disappointed by. It was bad enough Sid was on some mission for god knows how long but Camille knew that there was a reason for it all.

Come the morning, Camille had decided she had sulked enough and it was time for her to do some of her investigating. Ever since she had found out that Nathan had been behind everything that had happened, Camille had become determined to find out how he had managed to pull everything off so easily. Camille’s details being found amongst the LA Ark’s deleted employee files had told Camille that Nathan had someone working for him that could pull off planting files and hack systems. But hackers didn’t just go around announcing they were hackers so, Camille needed help figuring out how to flush t
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