Chapter 15



"We need her back!" Soldo's son slammed his hand over my desk.

I watched silently as the father and son squabbled with one another. Soldo chided his son to give me the respect a don is due but it was too late. The stupid boy had made his bed, his father knew he won't get out of here alive.

"I have no idea where your daughter is, Soldo"

Before Soldo could speak, his son decided to open his mouth again, I was reconsidering my decision of not torturing him before death.

"Bullshit! One of your men took my sister, Costello"

"I can assure you, Soldo, that not me or any of my men have ever forced a woman against her will"

Soldo gave me a nervous chuckle. "I know that don Niko, forgive my son, he doesn't know when to open his mouth"

"Have you considered the possibility that your daughter might have just run away from home?"

Young girls often ran away from the Cosa Nostra, we were protective of our women. They didn't have much freedom or choice for that matter, so they prefe
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