Chapter 48

Violet’s P.O.V.

I tumbled headfirst into bed that night exhausted beyond belief.

Between Eric, Olive, and I, we’d managed to get the pub ready for opening night. Eric himself had installed the hardwood floors and replaced the peeling wallpaper, which already made the place look a million times better. While we were in school, he replaced the light fixtures and got a few friends to bring in more furniture.

After deep cleaning everything from the molding along the walls to the shelving unit Eric had taken off the old owners, the musty scent that had filled the pub was all but gone. We hung a few pictures up, mostly poster advertisements for the latest brands of beer and liquor and used a level to make sure each one was straight. All that was left was for Olive and me to rearrange the tables and chairs while Eric unloaded the truck and made sure things were stocked and prepped for tomorrow night.

It was by pure luck that we had enough time to finish our homework, but not only did I fi
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