Inessa immediately got up again and roamed her eyes on every single inch of that place her gaze was capable of scanning ,but still nothing came in front of her eyes which made her sighed and then clean her palm by rubbing the blood on her midy because she thought it was of some animals or insects which might be roaming there on the ground.

So she softly exhaled and again walked back towards her mother's cemetery and sat there which made a blood drenching smirk to appear on that person's sinistic face about whose living presence she wasn't able to feel and with whose blood she had engulfed her skin and clothes..

And once again, his gaze started peering at her but this time with a terrifyingly sinfulness in his soulless eyes for her.

Inessa came back to the cemetery and again placed her head over the stone and surrounded her arms around it and closed her eyes and softly whispered those words.

"Good night, mamma and I wish, I going to sleep here with you forever, "

With that she closed her eyes and rested her entire self there because she knew she had to be there till the first light of the morning and not just only morning, she had wanted to sleep there for an eternity so without even trying, a peaceful sleep slowly and slowly started engulfing her because it had made her feel like she was sleeping in the arms of her mother which made her inner child beyond happy and satisfied to be with her mother.

And those eyes continued to gaze at her from that distance until they witnessed her to get completely drowned into her heavy slumber.

The force of wind turned more abrupt as the night started crossing its edges of darkness. Her eyes remained shut as she got lost in her deep conscious but those pair of cavernous gaze didn't move away from her, not even for once.

And finally when he felt she had drowned into her sleep entirely. Without even trying, his feets made its way towards her silently and without making any kind of noise.

Those feets halted in front of her who was peacefully sleeping by placing her head on that hard marble stone. His dusky gaze scanned her entire petite body which was covered with her middy, even her legs which she had folded against her chest and then finally his eyes stopped at her face.

He bent on his knees for getting a closer view of her and as soon as he leaned closer to her and his eyes fell on her face, the corner of his lips tugged a little upward and formed a sinfully dark smirk on his lips whereas, those eyes of his got filled with temptation of insanity for her.

Her skin was looking too pale and dull but made the darkness in his gaze to get penetrated with its gleam. Her pink lips were dry and chapped but yet was making him to stare at them lusciously. Her natural black and long lashes were falling its shadow on her cheeks which were engulfing with so many small scars and flaws but was making him to gape at her flawlessly.

Her light brown long hairs were totally messed up and damaged but yet was enchanting him like cords of silk. Her entire body was looking too fragile and virtuous but yet turned him insane in the most sinful way.

A small strand of her hair fell on her face with the forceful tug of air . He extended his palm to tug it aside from her face because that was rupturing his sight by it but his hand stopped in the middle when his gaze fell on the blood which was dripping from his wounded palm.

His gaze turned more dark by watching his blood falling on her white clothes and then tainted its virtue just like his insanity which was going to taint her pure soul.

He took back his palm and restrained his sullied touch for touching her impeccable skin and then his eyes trailed on that grave beside him and his gaze fell on that tiny little heart shaped locket which was placing on it.

His smirk turned more inky by watching it and then his palm took it in his clutch and then he gazed at that silver pendant by holding its chain in his grip .

And then his eyes travelled towards her who was still drowned into her unconsciousness which made his grin to become more demeanor and then he clutched that pendant tightly in his palm, ruining it with his blood which was oozing from his penetrated skin.

He got up on his feet and then gaplzed at her one last time and walked backward from her without taking his eyes away from her ,while taking her belonging with him.

Inessa slowly shifted in her place and her eyelids started to move as soon as her ears heard the chirping of birds and the light of the sun rays fell on her eyes.

She opened her lashes and softly hissed as she stretched her body which was in pain because of her uncomfortable position of sleeping. She rubbed her eyes in order to clean her drowsy vision and then looked at that white marble stone .

And her eyes again filled with tears realising she again got another day to survive but without living it with her mother. She didn't want to open her eyes but yet it got open again.

But this time, she didn't fall her tears and held them back and beautifully smiled at her mother..

"Good morning ! Mamma, "

No reply but a painful silence with which she now got habitual with so, she sighed and then got up on her feet.

"Ok mamma. Now I've to go. I'll meet you soon.. Bye and take care of yourself and my g.... " She stopped when her eyes fell on her mother's burial and she didn't find her pendant there.

Her brows got arched in confusion that where it went on it own. She looked here and there but didn't find it anywhere. She even shrugged her clothes in its search but her eyes got bewildered when she saw small blood stains on the front of her clothes which made her stunned.

A scowl made its way on her face because she was no where closer to her period of that month and neither she was wounded then from where those stains came from. She roamed her eyes everywhere for getting the reason behind it but still nothing, nothing caught her attention.

And then she looked at her mother's grave and sighed softly because those things were really very strange for her, first her locket got vanished and now these blood stains on her clothes.

But she didn't have enough time to react to any of that because she had to urgently get back to that hell again. So, she gave a last glance to her mother's memorial stone and waved her palm at it.

"Bye, Mamma. See you soon.... "

With that, she walked out from that graveyard with his blood on her clothes who was still gazing at her retracting figure and then took his steps towards the place where she was standing.

His gaze constantly stared at her disappearing self until she got totally vanished from his dusky eyes which made his eyes to travell down in his palm where he was clutching her locket.

He gave a glance to that grave beside him and then looked at the grave stone attached to it and then scanned those words which were written on it.

In The Memory of Elvira Suarez.

And again darted back his eyes on that locket and then peered at it and a demonic grin again crept on his face by watching it and then he held it with his both palms and opened the pendant

And his smirk turned more 'insane' when his soulless eyes caught those words which were printed inside it and his lips automatically parted to utter that word from his sinful mouth.


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