Every man and woman were dressed up in a perfectly well mannered way, showing their richness and abundance of luxury ,who were present inside that hall, which was alluringly beautiful and now was looking magnificently breathtaking after getting decorated so enchantingly.

"Congratulations for your wedding, Mr Lorenzo, "

A grin crept on his slightly wrinkled face after hearing those words . He shake his palm with the man, who had said those words to him .

"Thank you, Mr Gomez, " Mathew replied smilingly ,which made that man Mr Gomez to beam back and then nodded at him, until both the men's attention got darted towards the person ,who came towards them.

"Mr Lorenzo....! "

Lorenzo tossed his head around and saw one of his man standing in front of him ,which made him to excuse himself from Mr Gomez and then straddled towards his man.

"What happen....? " He asked his man, who in return gulped and his reply made Mathew's entire aura to get changed into barbarian.

"He's here,"

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I thought I won't be able toh read this anymore dumb me I didn't checked this before and suffered :)

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