Chapter 31

‘This is impossible.’ My father says, standing up. ‘This can’t be happening. Magic has been long gone and forbidden for many years. We only found out that a few witches still exist when you had the terrible fever, Magnus.’

‘Nina, you and your sister cannot experiment with this. You are already in danger. If everyone finds out, you are cursed and that it affects Magnus and now to know you can cast magic. It will cause mass panic. Everyone will hunt you and May down. The only way to keep the secret safe is not to cast magic. My mother says.

I know how much being able to cast spells meant to Nina. She was trying hard to hold back any tears and hid her feelings from everyone.

‘We need to figure out how this is even possible.’ Dad says.

We all look at Leon and Amelia. Leon shrugs his shoulders.

‘I’m in just as much shock as you all are. I swear I do not know.’ He says, then looks at Amelia, who has the look of guilt written all over her face. ‘Amelia?’ Leon says.

‘Well, you see. There is s
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