I've used almost three days in this school and so far so good, I haven't gotten any problem from anyone except for the near-to-be one, I almost encountered with those girls on my first day. I waited patiently for the class to end as the bell came ringing, and I hurriedly packed my books into my bag and waited for the teacher who taught us Finance to leave the class before I made any move.

It was break time as the students began chattering among themselves while I just stared at them.

Too bad, I hadn't made any friends, since no one bothered to come to meet me even after having to introduce myself to the whole class as instructed by the English teacher… Even in my previous school, I had no friends. I was always to myself.

I was sitting at the extreme end of the class, which was good for me because no one would bother to disturb me. Likewise, I will just stay mute there like I don't exist in the class and go back to my dear home without having any issues.

The teacher had left, and most students were already leaving the class, with just a few sitting at their desks and going through the pages of their books.

I grabbed my school bag and slumped it over my shoulder and patted my ponytail-packed hair and walked out of the class.

So, plans for the day, have a quick lunch, go to the library, then back to class until the school day is over then head back home.

If I like the library, it will be my study place after school before I feel like going home.

I approached the school's canteen after pushing the big glass door and entered inside which was filled up with students already as the place was buzzing with noise and talk.

I adjusted the frame of my eyeglasses, breathing in deeply and walked over to the counter to get a hamburger and cola when I heard a dang! Making me turn around to see what was going on.

I saw two boys pouring food on a girl as they made jest of her while pointing and dabbing her with their fingers, from the looks of it…these boys seemed to be in junior grades and the girl who the food was poured on and whose clothes stained and soiled with the food was about to cry.

“Those spoiled rich kids never stop bullying weak students,” I heard the lady behind the counter say annoyingly.

“And no one will be willing to help those weak kids,” I hissed out, saying a cuss under my breath.

I watched the girl, waiting for her next move as everyone around her all fixed their gaze on her just like me and to my disappointment, she started crying and ran away awkwardly while some people around started laughing.

I know how it feels to be embarrassed in such a situation… Not only that, but I've been a victim so many times in my previous school, but I always fight back, making sure they taste the coffee they brewed.

I turned back to the lady,“ A hamburger and cola,” I told her, and she nodded and within a minute, she was with my orders as I paid her and which she declined.

“It's part of your fees,” She said when I gave her a questioningly arched brow, then nodded.

“Thanks!” I smiled thinly at her and glanced around the canteen searching for a calm spot to eat when I saw an empty table at the far end of the canteen as I began to make my way over there.

I finally got to the table and placed my bag on the table and pulled out a chair which made a light screech and settled down to set down as I began eating my food with no invasion from anyone.

I walked out of the canteen and started making my way towards the library, feeling the cool breeze blow on my face as a little smile crept on my lips when I saw a group of guys and the girl with the same gray eyes like mine walk in my direction while I tried to quicken my pace towards the library knowing for sure there's something off about them.


I was speaking with my friends with Athena sitting on my leg and slowly whined her waist a bit while I smirked and smacked her ass teasingly.

We haven't been to class lately as we hung out in the park close to the library since it was just the first week of resumption, and we don't care whether we attended a class or not, we always had our way through the teachers. Landon, Brandon, and Kai were talking about the party they attended the previous night when Athena sat straight on my legs as she leaned forward staring at the girl going on her way to the library.

I squinted my gaze at her and noticed she was the same girl who bumped into me in the hallway days back, she looks somewhat timid and shy.

“That's her!” She pointed suddenly at the girl walking alone and holding dearly to her bag and was approaching the library.

“Who?” Landon asked as he and Kai turned around to look towards the direction Athena pointed, while I stared at Athena wondering what shebeing up to.

“Kay! Remember the new girl I told you about, she talks rude,” She told me as I reverted my gaze back to the girl.

“What about you? Don't you talk rudely to other people sometimes?” I asked her as glared at me.

“I haven't seen anyone so bold and intimidating like her,” She said annoyingly.

'But she looks shy to me, maybe because I don't know her well enough to know she's bold,' I thought.

“Oh! So, you think she's intimidating?” I asked Athena teasingly with a slight taunting smirk.

“No! What's so intimidating about her?” She grumbled, flapping her long hair to the back, while I moved back a bit to avoid the strands of her hair entering my eyes.

“Ohh!” I mouthed at her now staring at the girl dressed in dark blue baggie trousers and a three-quarter arm length white hoodie.

“She looks like a Nerd with her glasses,” Brandon said cockily.

“That's what I thought when I first saw her,” Athena said with annoyance.

“But she proved you wrong, huh?” I asked her as she turned and gave me a glare, making me chuckle before she faced front in her grumpy attitude.

“But she's pretty,” Kai said wetting his lower lips, making Athena roll her eyes with a scorn look at him while I gazed closely at the girl who looked kind of a stepper than a Nerd to me

“Let's take a hit on her guys, you know let's show her who runs this school,” Athena said suddenly springing to her feet and facing me with a proud look on her face while I chuckled leaning my back on the chair.

“What do you have in mind?” Landon asked her.

“We'll kind of intimidate her, and you know, I get to tease her,” Athena said bitchily as she turned her gaze back to the girl walking on her own.

Then she started walking towards her as Landon, Brandon, and Kai stood up and followed behind her, making me sigh as I stood up too and trailed behind them.

We got closer to the girl after Landon and Kai successfully stopped her and I noticed how beautiful the girl was, her perfectly curved waist was on the show when I got closer, and I had a good view of her face, behind those glasses she was wearing protected her charming and warm gray eyes. Her jet black hair was neatly packed in a high ponytail, her brows were perfectly shaped. Her straight nose perfected her cheekbones, not to talk of me taking notice of her enchanting and enticing alluring pinkish lips.

She had the perfect body a man will die for in a girl, as her exposed creamy skin glimmered under the rays of the sun.

My jaw twitched suddenly as I forcefully dragged my gaze away from her and caught Landon and Kai smirking at her as she stared at us, not with a bit startled as she tried to make her way past us.

'Was she attempting to ignore us?' I thought, staring at her.

She looked like someone who knew we were trouble and tried her best to avoid those troubles, not with Athena already in front of her with a mischievous smirk.

“Hey, Nerd!” Athena purred moving closer to her as I saw her sigh when her gaze flickered to mine as we held each other eye contact shortly before she gazed away making my heart beat faster unnecessarily.

I've never felt that way before, not even with any other girls I've met.

She didn't say anything but instead, she just breathed out, flashing a sharp gaze at Athena before turning around.

She sure has an intimidating look under those silver-framed glasses of hers.

Athena got pissed with her curt manner as she stretched her arm and pulled the girl whose name I'll like to know by her school bag, and the next thing we know was that Athena was the one whose ass was on the ground.

“Hey!” Athena snapped at her as Landon, Brandon, and Kai stared in surprise at the new girl who tackled Athena to the ground now holding her at her collar.

“What do you want from me, huh?” She questioned Athena boldly while glaring at her as Athena tried to push her away, but she lowered her even to the ground, holding her right in place firmly.

'Wow, she got the fiery attitude in her,' I thought, staring at her amusingly.

'How did she move so Swiftly tackling Athena to the ground,' I thought staring at her as neither, Landon, Brandon, and Kai did anything to help Athena.

I guess they were just as astonished as I was.

“Stay away from me!” She warned Athena pushing her to the ground, and it was not just any warning she meant what she said as she left Athena's collared shirt and stood erectly dusting her hand like Athena was a cloud of mere dust before she clutched her hands around the straps of her bag and started walking away.

“Wow!” Landon said surprisingly.

“I think Athena has met her match,” Kai laughed.

Athena stood up angrily from the floor as she decided to charge toward the girl as my arms snaked around her waist pulling her back to my chest while she fought against me as my arms tightened around her waist keeping her firmly in place.

“Calm down! Athena,” I told her, biting her earlobe teasingly while I stared at the new girl's marching step towards the library amusingly as a smirk crept on my lips.

“Who the hell does she think she is!?” Athena screamed in hurt towards her as she tried to brush her hair off her face… This will be the first time anyone will step on Athena's pride and arrogance.

“She doesn't know who she's messing with!” Athena shouted with rage in my arms while I attempted to keep her calm.

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