I rolled from side to side on my bed contemplating skipping class, I tried to remember what I learned about the presentation, but I couldn't even try to retain anything in my memory.

It felt so clouded…

Suddenly, I stood up, that dickhead who caused all this would be in school, I thought.

'He's going to give me a better explanation why he did this, he will tell me what I did to deserve all this,' I fumed as I put my books and my phone into my bag and zipped it up furiously.

I walked closer to the mirror to check out myself, my eyes had sunken in causing dark circles below my eye sacs, it was because of him, I couldn't sleep as I called him endlessly to no avail last night.

Adjusting my short pleated school skirt and buttoning the one button on my Navy-blue blazers.

I walked back to my bed and grabbed my back, slumping it over my shoulder as my fingers curled around the straps, and I headed out of my room.

I jogged down the stairs and made my way directly to the front
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