The weekends rolled off as fast as I could imagine, and I decided not to go to school, I had already taken my bath but just lay still on my bed, I glanced at the wall clock and saw that it was past seven in the morning.

I grabbed my phone from the chest close to my bed and used my duvet to cover my body, I tossed onto my side, and switch on my phone. I clicked on the W******p icon to check for any new messages from Aiden, but it was nil.

'What is up with him?' I asked myself, he wasn't even worried about me or wanted to know how I was doing.

'I'm going to give him a surprise visit, today,' I smiled thinly to myself, I began manipulating my phone checking for the latest movies that were available on the internet.

One of the reasons I didn't want to go to school was I wanted to avoid whatever gossip my classmates and some other students will be spreading around about what happened at Shirley's pool party, and again I'm just feeling too lazy to go to school and even stand up from my bed.

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Carrie Nottingham
Has this story been abandoned? Such a bummer. Love your books.
goodnovel comment avatar
May I ask when this will be updated again please?

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