Chapter 57: Three Years Ago

Natalia’s POV

“What? Where did this come from?”

I almost laugh out loud.

That is the most ridiculous I’ve ever heard. I’m literally shaking with laughter.

Before I moved to Miami for good, Jenna flied here once and stayed with me for a week to help me pack. She met Eason a few times that summer.

But it was such a long time ago! And they didn’t even speak to each other. So something is definitely wrong with her memory.

“You got it wrong. We were friends, but nothing more. In fact, I saw him dated at least 4 girls that summer. I even had dinners with his girlfriend! Do you still think he had a crush on me?”

Jenna frown, shaking her head in perplexity. “No, I’m pretty sure about it. He used to stare at you in a funny way, like he was ready to take you as his personal prisoner any minute.”

“Ewww, gross!” I shiver in disgust. “You are totally fantasizing things. He was probably just sick of me following him around.”

“No! I know it for sure because—”


“One day you were o

Poor Eason. but life doesn't always go your way, does it?

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Winnie Nduku
waiting for more chapters
goodnovel comment avatar
Oh well I have ZERO sympathy for that POS or his dad and his evil ass mom they deserve each other hell Nat’s mom should jump ship too! Good riddance
goodnovel comment avatar
Poor Eason!? What!? Dude is a sociopath and now a murderer so no poor anything for that dude plus the fact that he’s actually stinkin rich leave him with his skanky ass chicks and let Nat escape and find a normal happy life for herself! No one needs that kind of shit in their lives!

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