Chapter 65: Runaway

Natalia’s POV

I open my mouth, but no words come out of it except a shaky sob.

He seems to realize something. The next second, his anxious voice comes out of the speaker again, “Nat whatever you heard, don’t make any rush decisions! Please come back to me and let me explain! Just—please, please don’t go.”

He is begging me. I‘ve never heard of him begging to anyone before.

But he deserves this.

I take in a deep breath as tears blur my vision. Then I ask him between gritted teeth, “…is it true?”

He growls lowly, “God what have you heard! I can explain everything—”

“Just fucking answer my question!” I half-cry and half-scream. “Just do this for me…just stop lying to me for this one time!! Is it…is it true?”

He lapses into silence. I hold the phone and press it tightly against my ear. I can hear his restrained and shallow breathing on the other side of the phone, and it makes my heart tremble.

I can’t help but hope that he would deny it. And everything is just a bad dream. So that I can s
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Comments (11)
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Trina Dawson
I did hate him now I'm back in love with him
goodnovel comment avatar
Marlenny Fernandez
I think they should confront each other and talk about and then take a decision and whatever it is respect it. Ok he did wrong but he also save her so many times and what he did for her against Zach ack is nothing that she could forget about. Even he thought he hated her he found out he was wrong
goodnovel comment avatar
Marlenny Fernandez
Vicky I think like you but I also think his mom wrote a bad letter for him in behalf of Natalia

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