We drove for what felt like hours but as it was still light when we arrived, it couldn’t have been long because it was still light when we got out. The vampires lived in a collection of solid buildings. While each one had the normal amount of windows, likely to avoid standing out among the humans, each one had thick curtains that must block out sunlight. I could see how much pain the group were in just on their way from the car to the building. “Why didn’t you do this at night?” I asked as Adrian rubbed his temples. 

  “Respect.” He said. “We might be nocturnal but you’re not.”

  “Yet.” Cienna said. “We’ll have to live on your schedule here.”

  “Only if you want to spend time with us.” Adrian shrugged. “I wouldn’t hold it against you if you didn’t. I’ll show you to my apartment.”

He led me to what appeared to be the main building. It appeared to be some sort of fancy hotel, much like what I’d seen in a N*****x show about a rich heiress. A concierge service operated from a desk in front of a door I assumed led to an office and I could see into a beautiful restaurant.

  It’s like the pack house had a glow up.

  Adrian led me to an elevator and hit one of the numbers. “We’re pretty high up. Try not to jump.”

  “Dark.” I muttered.

  He led me to a door and unlocked it. It opened to a beautiful living space, all black and white marble and rich fabrics. A piano even sat in one corner. Two doors each led to a bedroom with a double bed and it’s own bathroom. 

  Yeah, the pack house looked pretty pathetic now.

  “How old are you?” I found myself asking.


  “Oh. You were turned recently?”

  “Five years ago.” He opened a small fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine. “Do wolves drink?”

  “Yes.” He took out the cork and took a swig from the bottle before handing it to me. 

  “We’ll need this.”

  I took the bottle wordlessly. “Why are they making you marry me?” I asked after downing plenty of wine.

  “You worked that out?” He took the bottle back. “I’m only on the Council because no one else wanted the job. But all members have to be married and I’m not. We’re looking at strengthening our race and right now, the best idea anyone can come up with is a werewolf-vampire hybrid.”

  “Daphne would be so smug right now.” I giggled. The wine was going straight to my head. Of course it was. I hadn’t eaten for hours. “She’s my best friend.”

  “I didn’t think you were allowed friends once you found your precious Mates.” Adrian smirked, flopping down onto the sofa.

  “What’s your problem with Mates?”

  “You’re told it’s some sort of true love. It’s not, it’s hormones. But you’ll never find out. You don’t bother to date, sleep around, any of that. You just take everyone’s word for it. But if it wasn’t all that, you’d just assume you were the problem. But hey, you’ve got nothing to compare it to.”

  “Well, I’ve got you now.” I snarked. “So far, Anthony’s nicer.”

  “And yet he let his grandfather sell you off. He’s probably found someone else to screw. Maybe your friend, Daphne.”

  “Daphne has her own mate. His name is Michael. That said, she doesn’t seem to really like him.”

  “She doesn’t. But everyone’s told her she has to love him. And her hormones are going wild. She’ll screw your precious Anthony and he’ll screw her because your stupid Mate bond means fuck all. You’d understand that if you didn’t live in some sort of weird werewolf Bible belt.”

  “So, if I had sex with someone else, you think I’d know better?”

  “I’d have thought you’d know better when your boyfriend let this happen.” 

  It hurt because he was right. Anthony did let this happen. Daphne put up more of a fight than he did.

  “Ok then.” I kicked off my boots. “Prove it.”

  “Prove what?” Adrian asked. I took off my shirt and threw it at him.

  “Your little theory. Fuck me.”

  “Aren’t you worried about what your precious Anthony will think?”

  “I don’t think Anthony has the right to judge me anymore.” I shimmied out of my jeans, kind of regretting not wearing clothes I could easily get out of. I’m clearly leading a more sexual lifestyle than I dress for.

  Adrian seemed to be musing over what was happening. He then shrugged and began to loosen his tie. “We should go in my room. The bed’s more comfortable.”

  I shrugged. “Whatever you prefer.” I kicked off my underwear on the walk and sprawled out on his bed naked.

  Adrian, to his credit, managed to strip off equally fast. He looked like he was weighing up his options. “Do you know what you’re doing?”

  “It’s sex, not rocket science.” I snapped. 

  “If that’s how you want to do this.” He climbed onto the bed and rolled me onto my front. He ran a hand over my ass before jamming two fingers inside me. It was sudden and rough but…

  “Oh fuck.” I moaned. He began to move his fingers, scrapping some sort of sensitive spot. I began to make some sort of inhuman sound as I felt pressure building up. He leaned towards me, beginning to play with my breast with his free hand.

  “Are you close?” He whispered in my ear.

  “Mmm.” I whined. He slipped his fingers out of me. “What are you doing?” I cried.

  “Patience.” He hissed. He nipped at my ear and moved away from me. I attempted to sit up but he pushed my neck down. “No, stay still.” He moved the hand down my back until he was back between my legs. He didn’t put his fingers inside me this time, instead managing to play with me from the outside. “Do you like that?”

  “Yes!” I cried. 

  “Good to know.” He removed his hand and flipped me over onto my back so I could see him. He was sucking on his fingers with relish. “You taste incredible.” He spread my legs. “You look amazing. Good enough to eat.” He tipped his head. “Would you like that, Wolfie?”

  “Yes.” I whispered. “Please.”

  “As you wish.” He dived between my legs. He began to suck and nibble on me, his sharp teeth digging into just the right spot… Then as I came close again, he sat up. “You didn’t think I’d make it that easy, did you?”

  “Fuck me.” I gasped. 

  “What do you think I’m doing, Wolfie?” 

  I didn’t know what the nickname was about but it was driving me insane.

  “It’s ok.” He leaned in and kissed me. “I’m not a monster.” He leaned back, leaving me splayed out and very fucking desperate. He rolled me over and then pulled my hips up. He slid his fingers back in. “That’s perfect. Good girl.” He slammed into me, hitting a spot inside me I didn’t realise was a thing. “Fuck!” He gasped. “Perfect.” He rolled his hips, causing movement inside me that somehow managed to hit every single nerve. “Do you like that?”

  “Yes.” I groaned into the pillow under my face. He moved back slightly before slamming back towards me. “Yes!” I cried before he could even ask.” He began to laugh, a deep throaty noise that vibrated through me. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into a sitting position on his lap. I turned my head to face him as he ran his hands across my body. One hand played with my nipples while the other teased me right where our bodies met. It felt so fucking good that I was crying.

  “Am I hurting you, Wolfie?”

  “No.” I gasped. 

  “Are you close?”

  “I’m not falling for that again.”

  “I want you to come with me. Do you think you can do that?”

  I didn’t think I could do anything but I nodded. He bucked his hips dramatically, which pushed me over the edge. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I slumped against Adrian, struggling to breathe. His movements had calmed but carried on, gently moving his hips, as if guiding me through the shockwaves taking over my body. 

  “Good girl.” He purred in my ear. He gently lowered me onto the bed and lay next to me while I regained my breath. “Good girl.” He let go of me and stroked my hair. He then took my hand and pulled me up. He pushed a bottle of water into my hand. “Drink.” 

  “Ok, you might be onto something.” 


  “The Mate bond is supposed to make it the best sex ever. You’re not my Mate but that…”

  “That’s because I know what I’m doing. Haven’t you ever heard the saying, practice makes perfect?”

  “So if I want good sex, I need to find the sluttiest guy I can?” I scoffed. 

  He smiled. It was a nice smile, he should do it more. “Are you hungry? I can have someone bring food up. Our chef makes an incredible chicken and bacon burger.”

  “That does sound good.” I admitted. I shuddered, suddenly aware of how naked I was. Adrian saw and draped a blanket over me.

  “I’ll call downstairs. I’ll be in the living room if you need anything.”

  “Ok.” I closed my eyes and rested against the pillows. A moment later, I felt Adrian climb back onto the bed. I opened my eyes. He’d found some pants. Good for him. I was just wearing the blanket. 

  “Do you need anything?”

  “Why are you nice now?”

  “You don’t know about aftercare?”

  “Like when they tell you not to get a tan after being waxed?”

  “I guess? Sex can… mess with your head. Especially if you just pull up your pants and walk off. You’ll feel better if I take care of you.”

  “Oh. Thank you?”

  “Is that a question?”

  “I don’t know. Maybe the sex messed with my head.” 

  “Do you want to take a shower? Or I could draw you a bath? I don’t have any fancy things from Lush so it would just be a bowl of hot water.”

  “I think I want to sleep.”

  “Ok. Do you want me to stay?”

  I didn’t really, I was supposed to hate him. The sex was mainly motivated by spite. But… “Can you… hold me?” 

  He seemed as surprised as me. “Yeah.” He lay next to me and wrapped his arms around me. I snuggled into his chest and closed my eyes again.

  I woke up to eat but fell asleep again, curled up with Adrian while he played with my hair, which seemed to fascinate him. I woke up at seven in the morning like I’d had drilled into me from years of working with the horses. But Adrian was dead to the world and after a moment of sitting in silence, I realised that the whole building was the same.

  Vampires sleep all day to avoid the sun.

  I slipped out of the room and headed to the other bedroom where I’d left my bag. I dragged out my towels, favourite shower products, and jammies before heading into the bathroom. The shower was big enough for multiple people to use and made of gold and white marble. The actual machine wasn’t difficult to work out and I was able to get a nice stream of warm water. I changed into my jammies and wrapped my wet hair in a microfibre towel to dry. I found my phone and checked for messages but there was only one from Nova saying Raven missed me. 

  The fucking horse missed me more than my Mate, it seems. I was half tempted to go and wake Adrian up for more spite-sex. 

  I was also well aware that I might not be handling my emotions well. 

  Adrian stumbled into the room around three in the afternoon. “My sleep schedule is fucked now.” He said. “How are you settling in?”

  “This room is nice.” I said. “I haven’t left it.”

  “You should. When the sun sets, I can show you around, see if we can find you a job. What did you do with the werewolves?”

  “I was a stable hand.”

  “We’ve got horses. They’re expensive to keep but they can bring in a lot of money. I think the dressage team is looking for another rider.”

  “Oh, I don’t do dressage. I just do basic trail rides.”

  “How different could it be?”

  “You don’t know anything about horses, do you?”

  “I’m terrified of them.” He opened the fridge and took out a bag of blood. “Do you mind if I eat this here?”

  “It’s your house. Or apartment. Or hotel rooms. I’m not sure what this place is. What do you do, just stick a straw in like a juice box?”

  “No. I put it in a glass. I have some manners.” He ripped it open with his teeth and poured it into a wine glass. “Have you eaten?”

  “I had some chips.” I gestured to the piles of chip bags on the coffee table. “I wasn’t sure what the etiquette for ordering food was.”

  “You tell them what you want, someone cooks it, you eat it.”

  “Who cooks it?”


  “Are they slaves?”

  “Why would you say that?”

  “I’m just confused.”

  “No. They’re very well paid employees. They provide us with every service imaginable, we make sure they never want for anything. Vampires are very good with money.”

  “Is there a reason for that?” 

  “We’re very good at calculating outcomes. Stock market, gambling, investments.”

  “Wow.” I whistled. “You just got a lot more attractive.”

  “If that’s the case, maybe you can join me in the shower.” He smirked.

  “I have safety concerns.”

  “I’ll protect you.”

  “I bet you could.” I tossed my phone across the room. “Come on, then.”

  I stripped as I walked into the bathroom. His bathroom was bigger than mine, bastard. He had piles of products laying around, some from fancier shops, some from drug stores, some handmade stuff. Either he had diverse tastes or had been on the receiving end of the “I don’t know you, have some bath shit” Secret Santa gift.

  Adrian pushed past me to open the shower door and turn on the water. “I like it hot. Tell me if it hurts.”

  The water was blissful. I don’t know what he was worried about.

  He came up behind me and pulled my hips flush to his. One hand cupped my breast while the other slid between my legs. I let out an involuntary whine as he stroked me, just enough to make me feel something but not enough to really do anything. “Patience, Wolfie.” He nipped at my ear. He removed his hand and pushed me forward. “Brace yourself against the wall.” I folded my arms above my head to prevent my skull smashing into the marble. “Good girl.” He slid a couple of fingers inside me, feeling around until he seemed content with the sound I was making. “There we are.” He said. “Right there, you like that, don’t you.”

  “Yes.” I gasped, suddenly worried he was going to deny me again.

  He seemed to read my mind. “You don’t have to worry. I have so many plans for you.” He twisted his fingers which seemed to pull a trigger and I screamed in pleasure. “That’s what I want to hear.” He moved his fingers again, which sent me over the edge with no build up. “Oh, this is fun.” He teased before doing it again. “Maybe I should just keep doing that until your legs can’t hold you anymore. But we have things to do today.” He withdrew his hand, leaving me feeling empty and aching for more. He pulled my hips up so my legs were straight and pushed my feet together. “Ready?” He asked.

  “Please.” I whined.

  “If you say so.” He slammed into me, so hard that the sensation alone was enough to get me off. I slumped slightly but he held me by the hips, thrusting into me while my body continued to spasm. There was no chance to come down before I was screaming again. This time I was slumping too much and Adrian laughed. “Your poor little legs.” He teased. He pulled out and let me slink to the ground before turning me to face him. “I’ve got you.” Pulled me to my feet and let me lean back against the wall before hooking one leg around his hip with his hand holding my ass up. He dove back into me, hitting a whole new angle and setting me off again. “You’re so sensitive. The things I could do to you.” He seemed to be wondering if he could try something new but seemed to change his mind and went back to flexing his hips, pushing me into the wall behind me. I fell off the edge soon after, with him following me before I’d stopped making noise. 

  Adrian leaned against the wall, one arm braced against it, the other holding me to him. He was still inside me and despite not doing anything, it still felt incredible.

  Eventually, he put me down. “We should go and find food.”

  The restaurant was beginning to lay out a breakfast buffet and taking orders for cooked breakfasts. Adrian found us a table by the window. “When the sun goes down, we can open the curtain and look out onto the gardens.”

  I watched the other vampires as I ate. Most of them were just minding their own business so it was a shock to the system when a bubby redhead flopped down next to us. “I heard you’re getting married.” She teased. “Hi, I’m Alice.”

  “Kate.” I muttered. 

  “Go away.” Adrian said.

  “Killjoy.” Alice sighed. “I’ll see you later then.” She kissed Adrian’s cheek.

  “Who was that?” I asked.

  “My sister.”

  “You have a sister?”

  “We were turned by the same vampire back in London. I didn’t know you went by Kate.”

  “You didn’t ask.”

  “Finish your breakfast.”

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