7. Just an Ex

Eli opens the door to his dorm room while I stand beside him, fingers nervously tapping on my bag strap.

We've just come from the field. Practice lasted two hours. Jude went straight to the offices to finish up some registration stuff. Eli doesn't have a class until eleven o'clock, and I have an hour before my next schedule at the sports complex.

He pushes the door open and lets me walk in before coming in after me. I take off my shoes and walk further into the room, my mind taking me back to the last time I was here.

There's a soft thud on the floor, then Eli's hand wraps around my arm. He pulls and turns me around, bringing me to him. Before I can react, he dips his head and kisses me.

His lips are firm and urgent on mine. Before long, I find myself digging my fingers into his arms, getting closer to him.

When we break apart, his thumb caresses my cheek. "It feels like it's been forever since I had you alone."

I chuckle. "True." I feel the same way too. A lot has happened since yes
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I'm so excited for this story! Glad you got this done ...️

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