8. Whatever it Takes

We arrive at Upperhill Prison a few minutes after two o'clock.

After parking at the visitors' lot, Jude and I head over to check-in. Once we're done with everything, we are led into the visiting room. We take our seats and wait for Cole to show up.

The last time I was here, I was alone. As I am most times, other than for the few times I came together with Jax. In the two years Cole has been here, Nicki has never visited. As for Simon, Cole would be the last person he wants to see right now. Or ever.

Anyway, I never would have thought I would ever be visiting him with Jude.

I gaze around the room. There are other inmates already seated with their visitors. The one closest to us is a man who's being visited by a woman and a boy who looks about ten and resembles him. He looks happy to be with his family. I wonder whether Cole will be thrilled about us showing up like this.

"There he is," Jude's voice draws me from my observation of our surroundings.

I look towards the entrance and sure e
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