Dangerously Yours Till Eternity
Dangerously Yours Till Eternity
Author: AT_Imagination

Before the Wedding

"My wedding is tomorrow. What the hell am I doing here?!"

Ivy swung her head from one side to another, allowing her long tinted purple hair to sway at her back, as her body moved to the fast rhythm of the almost deafening music.

She took a sip from the glass of wine in her hand, then winked at the bartender, who in response, immediately flashed her a flirtatious smile. A light chuckle escaped her lips, before she drank the last of the wine and staggered to the busy dance floor.

This was a bad idea!

She knew it but she was too far gone to stop now.

Tomorrow, she would be getting married to a man she had never met before in her life, just to pay off her father's huge business debt.

Goodness, she didn't even know this man's name!

Alright, to be honest, that was because she had been too stunned and angry with the news to ask. 

Her father had told her of this sudden wedding only three days ago and upon hearing the news, she had stormed out angrily without asking any questions.

How much debt could a company as big as her father's be owing, that would need selling her off to pay it?!

Anyways, who cared!

Tonight was her last night of freedom and she definitely wouldn't spend this time mopping around about how unfortunate her life was.

The wedding, technically, sounded like her father was selling her off. Which, indeed, he was. There wasn't any other way to look at the pathetic arrangement!

She wouldn't spend the night grieving the lose of her freedom either. 

That would take up her time, destroy her flawless make-up and mess her her expensive mascara. 

Nah. Not doing that.

Instead, she would spend her time enjoying this last freedom night.

She would enjoy it to the fullest- do something wild, something she had never done before.

Immediately she got to the dance floor, men came flocking around her, offering to be her dance partner. They looked nothing like what she would be willing to go to an hotel room with, not like she had ever done that before. 

She finally settled for one.

Despite how drunk she was, she was able to get to a quick conclusion that her dance partner was terrible at dancing.

His moves were sloppy, and he seemed too stunned by her beauty to move any closer.

While she thought of how to politely excuse herself from this pathetic waste of time, her friend, Elsa, stumbled to her.

Elsa was in a short shinning red dress and she had a rather buffy partner by her side.

"I'm leaving!" Elsa yelled barely above the music. "Leaving with Nathan!"

Ivy nodded her head.

At least one of them was having it good.

"Alright then, see you at the wedding, Princess!" She blew Ivy kisses as she went out of the club with her partner.

Ivy checked her phone.



This patner of hers was no fun, he was just an absolute waste of time!

"I'm sorry, I have to leave now and look for another patner that is quite my speed. You are not just doing it for me."

"Whaaaat?!" The man half yelled. All he had heard was "sorry."

Ivy shook her hand, she wasn't too keen on wasting anymore of her precious time on this sorry excuse of a man.

"Nevermind." With that, she skillfully molded into the crowd in search of a better patner to spend her last night of rebellion with.

A one night stand was that thing she had never done before.

Nightclubs, wine nights and all other fun things, were Ivy's world. 

After tonight, she knew it wouldn't be anymore.

She moved deeper into the club, looking at some men as she passed by them. They threw her suggestive glances, even though some had dancing partners already.

She laughed in her head. 

She often had that effect on men, she knew she was a beauty to behold. 

Soon, she stumbled to a side. By now, she knew she had wandered a little too deep.

There was a group of five men, dressed in black jackets and jeans at a round table. They all sat there, discussing something in low tones. 

Immediately they sensed her presence, they stopped and they all looked at her.

There wasn't one that wasn't handsome, in fact, they checked all the boxes.

Why weren't these handsome beings on the dancefloor? How dare they deprive the club of their spell binding nature?! They should be sued!

Anyways, it was a good thing she found them.

She pointed her finger at one and she smiled at him.


Everyone at the table stilled. For a moment, it was like no one was going to say anything.

The guy she pointed at smirked. He sat back in his seat, a leg crossed over the other, while he spread his hands across the head of the chairs so she could see his clothed chest.

A way of expressing... dominance?

"Is that so?" His voice was deep and soothing.

She folded her hands in front of her and smiled. 

"If you don't want to be mine for the night then what about your friend over there?" She turned to the man next to him who quickly flashed her a suggestive smile.

She heard a light growl come from the man that she had been talking to before and she chuckled, her eyes back on him.

He took a swung from the glass and set it on the table before standing up.


Ivy almost gasped in shock. 

He was taller than she had calculated him to be and as he moved she realized that he was slightly broad. His eyes were brown, his jaw sharp, his lips were thin and red. His brown hair was also in a messy bun.

A large hand slip to her back, guiding her along with him.

"Shall we?"

She was flustered. He knew. 

He often had that effect on people. She was a beauty herself, definitely the most beautiful woman he had today. The black knee-length dress she wore was definitely set to wreak havoc and what a great job it was doing. Her purple hair slid to her back effortlessly and her heels clicked against the floor. 

Handsome Man, as she called him in her mind, knew his way around the club, even more than she did. He showed the people by the door a card and soon they were in an elevator, moving to the VIP floor. 

Ivy was starting to get a little scared. 

Her card could do that too though, it could take her to the VIP floor but not without some questions.

Handsome Man's card was taking him places without questions!

In fact, it looked like people intentionally stood out of his way like they scared of him or something.

When they finally got to room, he swiped his card across the door and the door slide open. He hurriedly pulled her into the room.

The door shut tight after that, the light flickered on and her eyes feasted on the beautiful room.

She could see the colorfully breathtaking city from up here, through the large windows.

How high up were they?

She didn't get enough time to marvel at the wonder through, because soon Handsome Man was right behind her, his hot hands slipping quickly underneath her dress making her feel way too many things, at the same time.

She turned, grabbing his jacket, yanking it away before her clumsy fingers proceeded to the buttons of his shirt. His skin was taut against her and he was a little... cold?

Or maybe it was just the sequence she had on her dress. 

Wait, her dress?! 

Why did she still have that on?!

He turned her towards him, took her mouth in a fierce kiss while he hoisted her up against him. She circled her legs tightly around him quickly, straddling him.

Everything was happening so fast, so rough, she almost couldn't keep up.

They stumbled to the bed, the only thing that stood between them were their clothes they still hadn't gotten the chance to yank off yet, but soon, those were gone too, finally allowing the full rough tango of pleasure to begin.

She couldn't remember how many times he took her or how many times she had grabbed the sheets in toe curling ecstasy, but finally it was all over. 

She could still feel the aftermath of the pleasure lingering in her veins. 

Oh, what tingling beautiful feeling.

She felt him slide a finger underneath her chin, so that she was looking up at him, as he was still laying naked beside her.


Something about that word and the way he said it sent tingles across her body and she gulped.

He pressed wet lingering kisses down the crock of her neck, but she was too sleepy, tired and spent, that despite the renewed pleasure that was slowly surging through her veins, she found herself falling asleep.

Hearing that word again, as it faded away.


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