A Different Type of Groom

Morning, already?!

Ivy almost flew right out of bed but then she discovered that she was naked.

It took her a moment to remember what had happened last night and her heart skipped a beat.

Wait, why was she alone? Handsome Man must have gone for some important meetings. That must have been how he got all his money and power- running companies.

Something shot into her mind at the thought of 'company'.

Today was her wedding day!

She skillfully wrapped the blanket around her and reached for her phone, that was right next to her dress on the floor. 

33 missed calls!

All from her parents, Elsa and some random unknown numbers. Not just that but a lot of messages too!

They must have discovered that she wasn't in her room- where she should be!

She checked through some messages, all were asking her where she was. 

"6:43 am? Oh my goodness." She rushed up to her feet, pulling on her gown as quickly as she could. 

In no time, she was out of the room. She had found the card quite easily, glad he hadn't used something like fingerprint. That would have been rather difficult.

While she rushed to the elevator, she called her driver who immediately listened to her instructions and didn't ask for stories. 

Davies was just like that, a man who minded his own business.

She got outside the building quickly, she was sure she looked, at least, alright. Although she was sure her hair still needed a touch and it wouldn't be hard for anyone to guess why she had rushed out of the building looking like that.

But, anyways she had tried to fix herself as much as she could while in the elevator.

And her pills?

Yes, she had also taken those!

She tapped on her phone again to see that her mother was calling, as she was about to pick it up, a black car screeched to an halt in front of her.

A tall bald man in black suit who was wearing black sunglasses, stepped out immediately and greeted her with a stern face. He eyed the building behind, before looking back at her again, obvious disdain etched into his face.

"Are you the bride?"

Ivy bite her lips, not too proud to be caught in this situation but she shrugged nonchalantly nevertheless. "Yes, my driver will be--"

"Get in." He opened the car, guiding her in, although she was stiffened with shock. 

So Davies ratted out her location to her father? Interesting. She wasn't mad, just disappointed considering that she had been praising him in her head just a while ago.

The car door slammed shut as the man settled next to her. Since he was closer now, she noticed the scar on his cheek, it went all the way to his right ear.

Something suddenly felt dangerous and off-putting about the whole situation, even the driver was awfully quiet.

In fact, these men didn't look anything like the men that worked for her father!

"The groom hates waiting." The man beside her said in an almost snarl, the driver nodded then he hit the wheels.

So, it wasn't her father that sent the men, it was the groom!


Before she knew it, they were right in front of the Church.

The Church?!

She had thought they would first take her home to get her wedding gown. There was no way she was going to have her wedding in this state, even if the wedding wasn't something she fancied, she definitely had to rock it. 

Rocking her wedding dress would help in the future while relating with the family, she believed.

Then there was her parents. They couldn't see her like this!

"I need my dress--"

The sound of the door opening cut her off. There was woman at the door, equally suited up like the men that had come to pick her. Her black hair was in small bun, from the looks of it, she must be in her early thirties.

"The Bride?" She eyed Ivy, directing her question to the grumpy man beside her. He nodded and she grimaced, a look of disdain on her face.

Ivy folded her arms across her. Was it that obvious about where she had been to the night before? What she had done?

"Follow me." The woman said, then turned away. 

Not wanting to spend any more moments with this grumpy men, Ivy hopped out of the car and followed the woman, not like she looked like she would be of a better company.

Anyways, beggers - wait, no- brides caught in the type of situation she was caught in, couldn't be choosers.

There were flowers on either sides of the pathway, a water fountain made from a statue of a horse, on the right. 

Goosebumps laced Ivy's skin as cool creeped over her. 

Or was it?

They were starting to get closer and closer to the large church doors and Ivy was sure that if she had to step in and get married like this, she would definitely die of embarrassment.

They didn't go into the church though, they went around it into a room. There were varieties of wedding gowns to choose from and different ladies to help her get ready. 

"The bathroom is that way." One of them pointed at a door at one corner of the room, with a straight face.

Ivy's phone started ringing again. Before she could pick it up, the woman who lead her here yanked it away from her.

"Get to the bathroom already, you are delaying the Master." She gritted and Ivy frowned. 

What is wrong with all these people?!

"I need to speak to my parents, they don't know I am here yet, that is why they are still ringing me." She shot a challenging eyebrow at the woman who gave her a tight smile in return.

"Nevermind that," the woman started walking away. "I am sure Girald has informed your parents of your presence already." 

"But they are the ones--"

The woman turned back to her abruptly. 

"You have so much guts to arrive here looking like that, knowing how much this wedding means to both Houses. To all of us."

Ivy gulped.

Then she step closer and her voice dropped to a threateningly low tone. "Woman to woman, I advise that you don't try to escape into the arms of whatever you spent the night with. If the Master finds out, things will not go well for both of you."

The woman stepped back, her face grim once again. With no further words said, she left the room, leaving Ivy stunned for a moment before she was quickly ushered to the bathroom. 

When she had seen the ladies, she had thought that they were just there to ensure that she picked out a good dress within a really limited time, what she didn't know was that they were here to help her with everything,and by everything, she meant 'everything'.

This was ridiculous! She couldn't remember when last someone helped her in the bath without it being a part of foreplay.

This was just plain insanity!

This made her even more curious about who her groom was? 

She had suspected that he would be rich and powerful but seeing that her suspicion was actually right made her even more curious. 

He was different from all the types of grooms she had ever heard of.

What type of groom was this?

Or better still, who was he?

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