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Just like that, they were in front of her masion.

She hadn't given Colin her address or anything, but he had dropped her off right in front of her mansion, and now she was walking into the large gates.

Honestly, after seeing the Villa, she really didn't think big and the house she lived in, could be rightly used in the same sentence anymore.


Well, she had seen bigger.

"Romito--" she heard her mother call out to her, well she half ran half walked.

Her mother welcomed her home with open arms and just as Girald had said, she was right in time for lunch and hopefully, her father would be able to take get his usual 6pm nap.

She didn't spend too much time with her parents though, she quickly excused herself and went up to her room.

Giving an excuse that the meetings had been tedious and she needed all the rest in the world.

Her mother had not suspected anything and if her father had, his mouth stuffed with food didn't let him say anything about it.

Once the door was closed

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