Chapter 47 - Worth The Risk?

Risky texts were called risky for a reason and that was because they were indeed risky.

Sneaking away from Elsa hd been very easy. She had told her that she wanted to go out alone to get Pa's restaurant and Elsa had nodded in agreement, walking over to a mirror to style her hair, that was now getting more black than purple as time went by. Something Ivy was thankful for because Elsa's purple hair always reminded her of their fight, which she really hated to remember.

Elsa had turned around, telling her that she also had somewhere to be. They had both left the house after that, leaving in their cars to two different directions.

That had been more than going to two hours ago.

Ivy was certain that Elsa didn't follow her here or used where she had to as a cover stalk her. Elsa had called about some minutes ago and Ivy had heard Jett's voice in the background, along with someone she wasn't sure she knew.

"So how is your dinner date going?"

"I said it isn't a date," Ivy had mumbled
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