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After her Vampire mate died, Marina became broken but determined to avenge the death of her lover. Memorizing the faces and scents of those young vampires who killed him, she began her quest to avenge Dante's death. Every night she took one underling's life, starting with the weakest first. Before each killing, she would question them on where she could find that underling that left his father behind that night. Some didn't answer willingly so she took great pleasure in torturing them till they gave her the clues she needed to begin her search. She made sure to kill the underlings in the same fashion as the first: by ripping out their throats and draining them of their blood. she was emotionless except for her anger and grief as she watched them die. Her only satisfaction came from seeing the fear that crossed the remaining underling's faces when they discovered their fallen brother's bodies on the steps to their lair. After many years later, will there be any hope to find love again? Join me in this epic, steamy and thigh tingling vampire erotic series/sequels and enjoy the ride.

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36 Chapters
Chapter 1
It happened 10 years ago on a trip to Italy.Dante was so excited about showing me where he grew up as a child that each night he took me somewhere different. At first it was only places he used to play with friends or hung out as a kid. Later on he took me to the place where he had his first kiss. He smiled and kissed me while we were there, telling me. "Your kiss is the sweetest of all, Marina."The next night he showed me where he had lived and though the home has long since disappeared from where it once stood, to Dante it was like it still existed. He walked over the land showing me how big the home was and where this room or that room was located inside. He told me of his room upon the second floor and how he would sneak out late at night to climb up onto the roof and look at the stars.The smile on my beloved's face was so sweet with memories I felt tears of blood fill my eyes. I could see the sparkle of that boy inside the man as he talked of his mother and father and of his g
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Chapter 2
I used my bare hands to dig his grave. When it was deep enough I climbed out from the bottom and kneeled by Dante's side. I removed the wedding band I had given him years ago and slipped it onto my finger. I left the necklace I gave him from our first year together with him. The necklace held a locket that contained a hand painted portrait of me inside. From the day I gave it to him he never once took it off.I caressed his face with the tips of my fingers, tracing each cheekbone and each eyebrow and along his jaw line to his chin. Gently I lay my fingertips upon his mouth, tracing first the top and then the bottom lip. I remember the first time he kissed me and I started to cry. Tears falling onto his face, I kissed him for the last time and whispered, "Goodbye my love."I placed his body so gentle on the cold ground at the bottom of his grave. With each handful of dirt that I covered him with my tears fell harder. When the last bit of dirt was put over him, I stood there sobbing, kn
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Chapter 3
I missed them all so much, especially mom and dad. They were so kind to me when really they could have forced me to marry anyone they wanted back in those long ago days, but didn't. Mom and dad didn't care if their oldest daughter was considered a spinster. They respected my wishes to marry someday for love, not because society expected me to marry by a certain age.Imagine everyone's surprise, including my own, when a man finally came along. It happened when I was at my cousin's home for the first dance of the fall season. He was a tall, dark haired man and he asked me to dance. I was shocked really; no one had asked me to dance the entire year. Then out of nowhere this blue eyed man with chiseled features and the most irresistible mouth I ever saw, asked me to dance.Oh it was heaven. I didn't know till then just how much I missed the feel of having a man hold me in his arms and waltz me around a room. He was so handsome, his manners so perfect. He never took his eyes from me not ev
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Chapter 4
I remove the quilt that I had draped around myself, "Here take this and wrap it around yourself when you're done." I tried hard not to look over at him as I pulled two quilts from my bed and spread them out before the fire making a pallet for him on the floor. Just as I placed the pillows down I felt him step beside me. "Come, Dante and lay before the fire, you need to get warm."He stretched out his long body and rested his head on one of my pillows, and then I spread out the rest of my bed covering over him. While looking down at him I remembered that my little sister stayed out in the cold to long once almost freezing to death and that mom got into bed with her to help warm her. So without hesitation I climbed under the covers with him and pressed myself close. I rubbed my hand over his chest through the quilt he had against his skin as he laid on his back, mumbling under my breath, "I can't have you catching cold and dying on me. Not after I've just found you."He turned on his si
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Chapter 5
He slid his wet tongue up my body and dipped it into my mouth and I tasted myself on his lips. My legs spread farther apart as he settled once again between my thighs, his cock teasing my pussy lips apart. The head rubbed over my still sensitive clit and I jerked under him, filling his mouth with my moan.His hand slid between us, guiding the head of his cock and then he pushed in. He felt so big, the only thing that has ever penetrated me before had been my own fingers. I cried out when he pressed up against the barrier inside me, making my muscles clamp around him hard."Shush, it's all right, love." He softly whispered. His trembling hands stroked over me, calming me a little. He slowly began to move back and forth inside me, always stopping when he reached the barrier. In and out, over and over he moved a little faster each time, then I felt a change in him. He kissed me hard and when he thrust his tongue inside my mouth he thrust his cock all the way inside, breaking the barrier
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Chapter 6
The sky had turned lighter in the east when we finally stopped at what looked like an old castle. I was so tired as he carried me inside, not even during past illnesses had I felt this tired.A few moments later my body was laid down and I opened my eyes to see Dante there beside me, closing a coffin lid over us. Fear filled my throat and came out in a frantic cry. "What are you doing Dante? Get me out of here."Instead he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close, kissing me softly. "It's all right, my love, really. It's for our protection. You're a vampire now and you have to hide from the sunlight, just like all of our kind has to.""But why did you turn me into, into... Oh god! Why turn me into a vampire Dante? I would have loved you no matter what."He kissed my forehead. "I know you would have, but you would have also come to hate me, Marina. You'll find out soon enough that time has little affect on a vampire. So while we both may grow older it would've been only you who w
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Chapter 7
"Levi, we need to get you out of here. Can you make it to the opening of the cave?" He didn't answer so I tuned my hearing to Levi's heartbeat and found it was slow and his breathing very shallow.I couldn't pick him up inside the tiny cave structure, so I had to drag him to the opening before I could lift him into my arms. The way back to the cabin took a lot longer then the trip out. I couldn't rush like I wanted for being afraid that I might fall or drop him and cause more injuries.The cabin came into view with the lights inside blazing bright like a welcoming beacon in the night. I called out to Chad with my mental power to open the doors on the deck, that I had an injured man and to tell Rose to get all the blankets she could find. When I reached the deck the doors were standing wide open and Chad rushed over to help me carry the man inside.Quickly we took him over in front of the fireplace and removed his coat, hat, gloves and shoes. We didn't stop to think about modesty when
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Chapter 8
He was on the sofa with his back against the arm and his legs stretched out under a thick blanket. His long hair gleamed, as it trailed down over his shoulders and his color looked almost normal. I had no trouble picturing him dressed like one of his ancestors that came before him, astride on a horse with the wind pulling his hair away from his face.For the first time in a very long time I felt a tug of desire in my gut, and truthfully, it made me angry. Because, I can see myself as the young maiden, waiting for his return, knowing that when he does great pleasure would be found once again in his arms.I growled low in my throat and thought no one could hear me, but someone did. Levi. As Rose chatted on he turned his head toward me and it was all I could do not to gasp as those piercing dark eyes landed on me. I couldn't help but return his stare; feeling like I was sinking into a black ocean that was filled with knowledge beyond their years."Well there you are, dear, come meet our
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Chapter 9
I sat down in the chair I had used last night and leaned my head back. All my senses were focused on him and I remembered the vision that came to me earlier that evening of him being an Indian warrior of old.I let myself slip into the fantasy and found myself standing in a village as my warrior rode up on his horse with his black hair blowing behind him in the wind. His dark skin was covered in sweat and glistened in the hot afternoon sun. Just looking at him made my breasts swell and heat pool between my legs.He stopped the horse beside me, leaned down and pulled me up to sit in front of him. He wrapped me in his arms as his hands took hold of the horse's mane and started us off into the forest. His scent was strong and filled my lungs. I turned my head to look at him and found his dark eyes staring at me. Slowly one of his hands slid into my hair and held my head in place as his lips touch mine. His kiss were soft at first, coaxing my lips apart with the tip of his tongue. He bare
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Chapter 10
A touch of my mental powers drove him higher. His hands held my head as he thrust into my face, balls slapping my chin and, with one last flash of heat, Levi came, ramming his cock all the way in to shoot his cum straight into my waiting belly.His hands fell to his sides and I looked up to find his head back against the arm of the sofa, mouth open and panting, "Marina."I let his cock slip from my mouth and land on his belly without a trace of his cum left behind. "Look at me, Levi."He raised his head up slowly and gazed at me with heavy lidded eyes. "Beyond this point and until you wake, Levi, you will not remember anything that happens."I saw the dazed look I needed cover his eyes as he said, "Yes, Marina."Quickly I spread his legs apart, my eyes zeroing in on just the right spot to bite. I trembled as my canines extend once again. "I'm sorry, Levi. It's been so long since I've had warm human blood. I just have to taste you. Please forgive me."Gently as possible I bit into his
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