Chap 3: Turn back to Miller

Scarlet opened her eyes widely, she absorbed all of Scarlet's client's memories, and her mouth couldn't help but exclaim.

"Scarlet, you are unlucky."

When she was eight years old, her mother died of cancer, and her father took another step forward, but unfortunately, this stepmother was just a huckster.

Since Lucy Harris entered the Harris family, Scarlet's tragedy officially began. At home, she was beaten by her stepmother, and at school, she was isolated by friends, saying she was a rich kid, born with a silver spoon, but compared to a child from a poor background, they even had a better life than her. At least they still have joy and liberty. But she? Surrounded by the elite with flashy lights but fake and disgustingly dirty.

On her seventeenth birthday, her father, Mr. Harris was entangled in a money-laundering business and ended up his life in the depths of the abyss. His grave was still not green, Lucy hastily sold her into the Miller family, one of the four greatest families in this capital. As for Lucy, she hugged the vast fortune that her father left behind and ran away.

In just one night, Scarlet went from a noble family member to a homeless human, eventually dying in anger.

Scarlet sighed, looking into the distance, her heart was full of complications. If this was her previous life, then she would have been trapped in her past life forever? Sounds interesting, but… What about her Andres? What should your people be like? A country cannot function a day without a king, and Andres cannot exist without a Queen. She is forced to find a way to return to reality, she cannot forever be imprisoned in this place.

"Are you awake?"

From the outside came a familiar voice, no need to look, Scarlet had already known who it was.

She casually looked at the scenery outside the window, completely ignoring the uninvited guest that came over there. Bernie saw her attitude, the anger in his heart soon broke out, he approached Scarlet's eyes, and grabbed both of her shoulders, forcing her to face him.

Bernie's eyes were really scary, his eyes were red, and his amber eye color was a bit dark and evil. If it were Scarlet of the past, she would have been scared to death, but now, facing him is no longer Scarlet but Adela in Scarlet's body.

She looked directly into his eyes, her lips slightly raised to create a smile like a spring breeze, but the smile did not penetrate deep into the bottom of her eyes. Bernie shivered slightly as if he had realized something was wrong with this woman. How dare she face him? It's funny, he feels his majesty is being trampled, and very quickly the beast in him once again rises.


The slap sounded crisp, Bernie hugged one side of his face, staring at Vu Dinh. She… Did she slap him?

"Damn it, you're tired of living, aren't you?"

Scarlet leaned back, her legs crossed, and her appearance was very calm.

“Wrong, I have to say that I go first to dominate… Didn't you intend to slap me just? I was just taking the first step to gain an advantage.”

Bernie burst into laughter.

“Ha, very good… Very good. When did you become so stark?”

Scarlet raised her eyebrows, the smile on her lips was even stronger.

"Too much praise."

Bernie Miller approached Scarlet, he reached out and squeezed her chin, the strength in his hand was getting stronger and stronger as if he wanted to crush her.

Scarlet's brow furrowed tightly, she softly hissed through her teeth.



The sound of broken bones resounded, only to see Bernie holding one hand, his mouth was constantly groaning, his whole face was red, and his eyes were staggered like a wild animal.

Scarlet rubbed his hands, but the smile on his lips remained unchanged.

"If you still want to keep your arm, then be careful in how you behave with me in the future."

Scarlet's words made Bernie shiver, he knew this woman was telling the truth. For a moment, he felt as if his arm had been severed from his body, pain running through each neuron and finally reaching his brain.

Bernie struggled to get up, his appearance was extremely difficult. Scarlet saw this and only smiled slightly, completely without the intention of going to help him up.

He angrily brushed off his suit, his eyes still glancing at her.

"You will be discharged tomorrow."


Scarlet jumped, she did not want to be discharged from the hospital. It's too crazy to return to that hell.

“How long are you going to lie here? Do you know how much money I have to pay for you per day? Five hundred dollars! That's five hundred dollars!"

Vu Dinh sneered.

"Ha, it's only five hundred dollars… Is that mean, your Miller family doesn't have enough five hundred dollars to pay for the hospital bills?"

“We have a lot of money but it doesn’t mean we can waste money like that.”

Scarlet's face was full of contempt.


She stood up directly, her feet touching the cold floor.

"Want me to go back that much? Okay, I'll come with you."

The silver Rolls Royce gradually entered Adam's villa area, through the h glass door, Scarlet could vaguely see the entire majestic scenery of this most expensive villa in the capital.

The buildings are tinged with ancient colors, each sculptural line exudes luxury. Gold inlaid statues are everywhere.

Scarlet could not help but voiced his exclamation.

"It's a mansion of the rich, every corner show up the lavishness."

But compared to that, it was still far behind her Athena palace.

The car door opened, and a blast of cold air rushed in, making her shiver.

Bernie Miller stood against the wind, his coat swaying in the middle of the winter afternoon.

Under the sunset, his face seemed to be encrusted with a layer of silver, sparkling unreal, romantic amber-brown pupils, sideburns floating in the wind.

Scarlet looked lost, if not for his masculine personality, he is also the ideal man.

Bernie did not see Scarlet’s presence, his temper also became grumpy.

"Are you waiting for me to bring the palanquin to pick you up?"

Scarlet strongly pushed Bernie, who was blocking her line of sight. The bata shoes were soon crumpled and placed on the wet ground, and the green striped uniform did not cover the pure beauty of Scarlet.

Her silky black hair fell to her shoulders, the bruises still lingering on her cheeks further adorned her white skin. 

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