chapter 93

Blade was still in the kitchen along with the guards and everyone was outside panicking.

What if they were suspected and they couldn’t prove themselves innocent? Their life would be ruined for real good

But Sandra couldn’t careless about.

All she care about was getting her family out of here as soon as possible.

Blade walked out as everyone once again went to their knees

“looks like there is an imposter here”

Everyone started whispering about who the imposter might be and Sandra tried her to best to disguise herself

The plan was to distract them for as long as possible and buy time for the spies to get them out

“ now if the imposter comes out by themselves I would consider going easy on them but if I find them myself…..”

Blade stopped and gave a sinister look which sent creeps down everyone’s spine

Jude sneered in her mind.

Dream on boy! I won’t fall for your trap

Jude thought.

“ I am counting till three…”

“one” he counted but no one stood up

“two” he counted but still no one stood up
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