Chap-134*The Evil Queen*

Author’s POV:

"He was supposed to call us." Silver and Zion had left the room to stand with the cars. She was calling his phone, but his number was showing out of reach.

"Oh, God!" she whispered in terror. "I need to go check on the door. And If it is closed," she murmured in terror, "things will turn very dirty," She expressed shock before Zion nodded. He wanted to accompany her, but somebody needed to be left behind with the kids.

After Layla’s crazy side came out, they couldn’t really leave the kids behind with Layla. Silver rolled into the car and left for the mountains. She didn’t even take a driver along. She was panicking and racing on the road to reach the mountains.

"I have promised Phoenix I will take care of her kids and her mate. I messed it all up. Not only did I ignore all the red flags Layla ever displayed, but I let Aramis walk into that door, and now he has gone missing." She was whispering to herself and losing her mind.

Layla had also woken up from a good sleep. She
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Comments (4)
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Parwan Kaur
thabk you for 2 chapters..can't wait to see aramis and phoenix and hopefully they come back so phoenix can punish Layla for causing her death and separating her from her family
goodnovel comment avatar
Zesta Amanda Skouson-McGinnis
Thank you for the chapters. I hope to see more and more. I can’t get enough and can’t wait till Phoenix comes back.
goodnovel comment avatar
Zesta Amanda Skouson-McGinnis
I hope it was a false positive or that she’s going to miscarry. Or hopefully her grandmother shows up and poisons her again. Either way, someone needs to search her room and find the lock box with the potion she stole to kill Phoenix. That’s an automatic death sentence right there. Fingers crossed.

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