The announcement

Adina’s POV

They had all invited their little family, now including Clara, up to their apartment for breakfast the following day. They wanted to tell them the news, and they wanted to do it without being overheard.

It was also an excellent time to ensure Clara was comfortable in their little group. Adina also needed to have a talk with her about who Adina was.

As Adina stood making pancakes, she knew she couldn’t put the conversation she needed to have with her mates off any longer.

“Last night, Cernack contacted me,” she told them.

“We guessed as much,” Sean said while chopping fruits.

“What did he want?” Colin asked as he was setting the table.

“Cleatus is ready to talk. I asked him to set it up tomorrow,” she said, and both men stopped what they were doing and looked at her.

“And you are letting Sean take some warriors and take care of it, right?” Colin asked.

“No, why would I do that? I’m his alpha,” she said.

“You are pregnant. You are not going anywhere near that vampire,” Sean
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