Chapter 62 - Fenriz

The only thing I got from Hikari’s words was that my son has been in constant pain since the day he was born; a pain we weren’t even aware of. Someone back home will die for their incompetence.

“Is there anything we can do to take away his pain?” I ask, holding my arms out to Hanabi so she can hand over my child. “There must be something we can do to make this transition easier.”

Hikari looks at Arkyn in my arms before settling her eyes on Umiko. She remains quiet for a while, a long fucking while if you ask me, but when a wistful look crosses her face, I knew that whatever she’s about to say can’t be good.

“There is; we normally reserve it for clan members who can’t control their spirits and require a tranquil place to set things right,” she starts. “It is a lake inside a cavern in Mount Yōtei, they lay in the waters, and it takes the anguish and discomfort away until they’re ready.”

“Okay, well, can we go right now? Is it possible?” Umiko steps closer to me and asks, her worrie
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Marrie Mitipelo
This was hard to read... Umikos family... So supportive... Meet Fenriz, and can see Her Love for him.. As he has also stated... declared... Not ashamed... Big Bad Alpha... .........
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Pixy Elly
Omg please tell me this doesn’t end like this oh my blue balls Arkyns! Omg my heart suck a beautiful till next time oh I need a moment I have something in my eyes… omg

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