Forty-six: Family Friend

Amelia was dressed in a little black dress and seven inches heels, standing before the full-length mirror in the bedroom with a frown on her face. Much to her disapproval, Ryan had made her dress up for the fundraiser. Just to try and hide her appearance from the watchful eyes of the paparazzi, she’d let down her long hair, styling it to fall down the sides of her face to her shoulders and down her back.

Ryan, impeccably dressed in a tuxedo, came up behind her, circling her waist with his arms and pushing some of her hair out of his way to expose her shoulders to him. Leaning down, he pressed his lips firmly to her soft spot, biting down on it until she let out a squeal.

“Relax, Princess. You’ll be alright,”

“It’s easy for you to say when you won’t be the prey of the gossip-hungry paparazzi,” she spat out in irritation.

Ryan heaved a distressful sigh. He’d gone over this with her for the entire week but she still wouldn’t let it go. He needed his assistant by his side and he’d be damn
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