Eighty-eight: Pull Out

“I no longer have any business in London, uncle,” James spoke, trying to keep his annoyance from his tone. He had been having a good day before his uncle called him, regarding his insistence to not return home for his late father’s funeral.

From the day he left London, he vowed never to return because they proved to him that he had nothing there, not even a family to call his own, and luckily for him, he’d made it here in Texas and was living a good life. He had all the wealth they’d taken from him and he had a good job. He was faring well financially and he was independent of his family’s assistance.

“I know how you feel, James but deep down, you know how much my brother loved you. Left to him, you’d have never known the truth, and remember, it was your decision to leave not his. He tried his best to get you to stay. Are you telling me you won’t pay your last respect to him by attending his funeral? The same man that gave you everything you ever needed in life and showered you with
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