Ninety-one: Agreement

That evening, Lara returned home from work, still disturbed by the conversation she’d had with the strange man earlier that day. All day, she’d been busy going from one meeting to another with top fashion designers and some popular models, to help put together the fashion show she was planning but even with how busy she’d been, his words and plans kept revolving in her head. The one that disturbed her more was the revelation of Benjamin’s plan to get her out of the way as soon as he lays his hands on the fortune he was after.

The realization that Benjamin wasn’t her Allie but an indirect foe made her feel so insecure that she gradually found herself leaning towards the protection that the stranger was offering but she wasn’t stupid enough to fall into his arms without careful consideration. Hence, as soon as she was in the privacy of her home, she brought out the file and the card he’d given to her.

Firstly, she opened the file. She was no business expert but she was sure she could u
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