One-hundred and one: Homewrecker

The collective gasps of the guests filled the large room, and Amelia’s heart broke to pieces as she stared at Selena who had a triumphant smile on her face, with her palms protectively resting on her rounded belly. Amelia glanced at Ryan, who was seething, his furious gaze directed at Selena.

Selena glanced around, hearing the murmurs that had risen at her words. A smile was on her face because she was happy with how things were going and she saw that most of the people were giving Ryan and Amelia dirty glances. Of course, they’d believe her because she was his ex-wife and to make things better, none of them knew why they’d fallen apart except for his parents and his housekeeper, and also his secretary, Sylvia, who was also a very close family friend. But then, they wouldn’t be able to prove her wrong because she had the perfect evidence to keep them silent.

“That’s a lie, my son would never have anything to do with this tramp!” Ryan’s mother, Li na said, rising to her feet and pointi
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