One-hundred and two: Homewrecker 2

Amelia ran out of the church premises into the quiet street with tears in her eyes. Thankfully, the church was built in a quiet area, not near the busy streets of New York where everyone could see her. They’d also chosen this church to prevent unnecessary traffic and the presence of paparazzi that might want to film the ceremony and now, she couldn’t be more happier that they’d actually chosen it. Tears ran down her eyes as she continued running with her child in her arms. She wasn’t sure where she was headed but all she wanted was to get far away from the church and all of the people in it. But then, she heard the sound of a car heading towards her, and she increased her speed.

With the weight of the child in her arms and the large skirt of her dress, it was hard to run fast but she tried her best, wishing that whoever it was wasn’t coming for her because she wasn’t sure she could look into any of their faces. But eventually, the car slowed down beside her.

“Amelia, please let me hel
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